A brain coach’s book is going viral for naming the No.1 productivity blocker

What if we told you that it was possible to unlock your mind, learn anything you set your mind to, and change your habits for the better?

It might sound too good to be true but that’s exactly what bestselling author and brain coach Jim Kwik sets out to do in his mental expansion manual.

He might be the world’s number one brain coach but Jim Kwik’s recipe for success is anything but pretentious or complicated.

In the pages of Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life, Kwik aims to help the average person to expand their mind in order to accomplish more, be more productive, and see more personal and business success by simply changing a couple of key factors.

The “3 M’s”

The “3 M’s” as Kwik calls them, consist of Mindset, Motivation, and Methods, and have the ability to change every aspect of your life—if you’re willing to cultivate each one to increase your productivity and success while rewiring your brain.

The science-based practices and field-tested tips that Kwik employs are proven to help accelerate communication, memory, focus, recall, speed reading, and even self-learning, in order to create fast and tangible results no matter your goals or to-do list.

Flipping through Limitless, you’ll notice that the book is broken down to cover the “3 M’s” in a systematic approach—something that anybody can accomplish if they’re ready to put in the work involved.

Flipping your mindset, to start, is nothing new to personal development junkies—but it’s key to achieving greater success and the most important aspect of flipping the switch on your productivity and brain power.

Your brain is a ‘supercomputer’

According to Kwik, the brain is like a supercomputer and your thoughts program it to run. The “Kwik Brain process” as it’s called in the book, will help you to rewrite the assumptions, bad habits, and procrastinations that are holding you back or causing your negative thoughts.

From there, readers will move onto igniting their motivation—which Kwik says is the key that opens up limitless mental capacity. It’s here that readers will get to focus on a more tangible aspect of success and goal-setting; passion, purpose, energy, and focusing on goals should all foster a sense of excitement when done right—and Kwik shows readers exactly how to foster a more sustainable and self-renewing sense of motivation that will help drive success even faster (and further).

Becoming “brain-fit”

The final step involves mastering the method—putting together everything you’ve been training your brain to do and think. According to Kwik—and to the endless reader reviews—mastering the method will allow you to use your brain in ways that you never thought possible.

The level of “brain-fit” you achieve will all come down to the effort you put in after finishing the book. If you take Kwik’s lessons and run with them, chances are good that you’ll be able to read a book three times faster through speed reading, actually learn to speak a second language fluently, and master other skills like learning an instrument, simply by shifting the way you think about motivation and mindset.

While it might sound like a lot of fluff or fiction, there’s a reason that Limitless has nearly 10,000 five-star reviews online—the hacks and processes that Kwik brilliantly lays out within its pages are a game changer when it comes to overcoming poor productivity and lack of motivation.

Whether you’re hoping to increase your productivity and success or you’re ready to take that new self-taught hobby to the next level, the surprisingly simple ways to unblock productivity and expand your brain’s capacity as outlined in Limitless will benefit anyone willing to work on their motivation and mindset—and it’s definitely worth a read.