9 things you do that drive your boss crazy (that you’re not aware of)

Believe it or not, you are probably doing things in the office that are annoying the heck out of your boss, and you probably don’t even know that you’re doing them. 

Annoying your boss could prevent you from getting that next promotion. Or raise. 

It is incredibly important to understand how your behavior in the office affects your boss and your coworkers, even if you think that you are just being helpful. You may not be. 

How many of these things do you do? 

9 things you do that drive your boss crazy

1. You’re constantly late

While you might not think being five or 10 minutes late is a big deal, over time, your boss might. If you are consistently late getting into the office or joining meetings, your boss will eventually pick up on this. He or she may be especially annoyed if you arrive late to work with a Starbucks coffee in your hand that you took the time to pick up on your way in. 

2. You’re never at your desk

If you work in a traditional office, your boss will quickly learn how often you’re at your desk. But even if you now work from home after the COVID-19 pandemic, your responsiveness to chats and Zoom calls is something that your boss will notice and focus on. The less available you are, the more annoyed they will be. 

3. You dress inappropriately

Even if it’s not an official policy, jeans on Tuesday might not be acceptable in your office. Though your boss may not say anything to you as to avoid conflict, he or she probably notices if you consistently choose to dress less formally. And, this could negatively affect your chances of a raise or a promotion during the next performance review cycle.  

4. You never commit

When you always say “I’ll try” or “I’ll see what I can do”, your boss implicitly picks up on your non-commital. You are giving yourself an excuse before you even start the task, and this will drive your boss crazy. It may show that you lack confidence in your skills, or worse, your boss might not believe that you are fully vested in your position. 

5. You always chit chat

Most work environments are accepting of some non-work-related chit chat. But if you do this all the time, then you may be overstepping your bounds of acceptable behavior. And, this is especially true if you chit chat with your boss. Moderation is key, and use your best judgment to determine how often non-work chatting is accepted in your workplace. 

6. You constantly talk about your accomplishments

Naturally, there will be times when “tooting your horn” is appropriate. But if you do this all the time, it wears on people. And, this particular behavior may drive your coworkers crazy as well, not just your boss. Pick and choose when to talk about your accomplishments. Don’t do this all the time. 

7. You believe everything is a high priority

Not everything is urgent, high priority, or an emergency. If your boss realizes that everything is an emergency with you, they may begin to assume that nothing is an emergency and start to ignore your requests. Remember the story “The boy who cried wolf?” Be honest with yourself, and your boss, about what is truly urgent. 

8. You send company-wide joke emails

This is another one of those situations where it pays to know what’s appropriate inside your organization.

An occasional joke might be okay, but if you’re sending these joke emails out every day (or even multiple times a day), your boss will begin to wonder if you do anything other than read jokes. Remember that you are taking time away from your coworkers, too, when you send these types of emails. 

9. You nitpick everything

There are times when nitpicking is good. For example, on a business proposal or important sales document, things need to be perfect. But, informal emails and whiteboard illustrations might not need the same level of perfection.

Your boss probably does not appreciate the grammar police meticulously inspecting every email they write or sentence they utter. So, don’t be the office’s grammar police.