Penetration Tester Jobs Near San Francisco, CA

Salary Range



Average Salary: $150,000
Senior Penetration Tester

Develop and present accurate and comprehensive reports for both non-technical and technical audiences including leadership. Design and develop and deliver security training for both tech and non-tech...

Posted 1w ago

  •   5 - 7 years exp.  •  Consumer Technology

Enterprise Security Engineer
$100K - $150K

Define, publish, and execute the overall enterprise IT security strategy with the buy-in from operational and business stakeholders.

Posted 1w ago

  •   5 - 7 years exp.  •  Enterprise Technology

Senior Security Application Engineer
$80K - $100K

The breadth of Rippling's product provides a unique set of security challenges, but our management is especially supportive of security and compliance as a central function of the business. As an ear...

Posted 3w ago

  •   years exp.  Consumer Technology

Application Security Engineer
$100K - $150K

Collaborate with departments and improve threat analysis interviews with the product team to perform risk assessment, threat models, and identify common use and abuse cases. Analyze the results of sec...

Posted 1w ago

  •   5 - 7 years exp.  •  Media

Senior Test Automation Engineer

Works in coordination with the scrum team and development counterparts in overseeing bug tracking, test prioritization, test automation and release.

Posted 1w ago

  •   5 - 7 years exp.  •  Finance & Insurance

Senior Information Security Engineer
$100K - $150K

Help implement a capability driven and highly automated approach to our security operations, monitoring & detection, incident response capabilities, and our overall information security risk managemen...

Posted 7w ago

  •   5 - 7 years exp.  •  Hospitals & Medical Centers