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Lennox International Inc. is a provider of climate control products for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration markets. Lennox also includes the Heatcraft Refrigeration and Armstrong brands.

The company was founded in 1895, in Marshalltown, Iowa, by Dave Lennox, the owner of a machine repair business for railroads. Inventors Ezra William Smith and Ernest Bryant brought their idea for a riveted steel coal-fired furnace to his machine shop to build parts for a prototype. In lieu of payment, Lennox accepted their patent, obtaining rights to the idea. He founded the Lennox Furnace Co. improving the design that led to numerous advancements in heating, cooling and climate control solutions. The company was sold in 1904 to DW Norris who managed the company until his death in 1949, following which ownership devolved to his descendants who continued to hold a prominent position in the company in the following decades.

From 1964-65, Lennox dabbled in the lawn and garden industry by building a small crawler tractor and mower called the Lennox Kitty Track 600. It featured a 6 hp Briggs & Stratton engine and a 32" mower deck.

In 1971 the small, nonprofitable gas cylinder business of Lennox Industries was sold to Worthington Industries, marking its first diversification step.

Highest paying job titles at Lennox International include Branch Manager, Software Engineer, and Maintenance Engineer


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Top Experts at Lennox International

Lennox International Compensation

Branch Manager



Average Compensation:$90,000

Software Engineer



Average Compensation:$107,500

Maintenance Engineer



Average Compensation:$NaN

Operations Manager



Average Compensation:$99,667

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