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FIS High Paying Jobs, Compensation Information and Expert Network Connections

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FIS is an American Fortune 500 company which offers a wide range of financial products and services.

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, FIS employs approximately 62,000 people worldwide. All of these employees permanently work from home and FIS has shifted to Work from Anywhere model since March 2020. After finalizing FIS' most recent deal - as well as the industry's largest-ever - to acquire Worldpay for $35 billion in Q3 of 2019, FIS became the largest processing and payments company in the world. FIS is most known for its development of Financial Technology, or FinTech, and as of Q2 2020 it offers its solutions in three primary segments: Merchant Solutions, Banking Solutions, and Capital Market Solutions. Annually, FIS facilitates the movement of roughly $9 trillion through the processing of approximately 75 billion transactions in service to more than 20,000 clients around the globe.

FIS was ranked second in the FinTech Forward 2016 rankings.

FIS has 15,133 employees in India. Each employee in India works from his own office.

Highest paying job titles at FIS include Software Engineer, IT Systems Administrator, and Solution Architect


Market Cap$75.9 billion
Revenue$12.5 billion
5 Year Trendarrow trend up+13.7%
Net Income$158 million
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Top Experts at FIS

FIS Compensation

Software Engineer



Average Compensation:$109,346

IT Systems Administrator



Average Compensation:$103,986

Solution Architect



Average Compensation:$128,958

Senior Programmer Analyst



Average Compensation:$109,000

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