Zillow is hiring 2,000 workers, with salaries as high as $325K

• Zillow, a property-listings website, is hiring 2,000 more workers this year
• A new report showed just how much employees can make at Zillow, with salaries reaching as high as $325,000
• The company is currently looking for remote workers

Now hiring: Zillow.

The popular property-listings website might help you find your future home someday, but right now they’re seeking your help: Zillow plans to add 2,000 new workers this year to add to its roughly 5,000-employee workforce nationally.

On a recent earnings call, as first reported by Business Insider, company CEO Rich Barton mentioned that the company received 153,000 job applications in the first half of 2021, which is nearly 50% more than before the pandemic. Zillow is valued at $25 billion.

The company is looking for talent across several industries, including engineers, analysts, and IT managers, and we now know just how much they are willing to pay, with salaries as high as $325,000.

What is Zillow?

Founded in 2006, Zillow is the most-visited real-estate website in the U.S., offering customers an easy online experience for selling, buying, renting, and financing homes.

It has since launched several branches including Zillow Offers, a service for buying and selling homes directly in markets across the country; and Zillow Home Loans, a service to get preapproved and secure financing on your next home purchase.

Where is Zillow?

Zillow’s headquarters is in Seattle. It also has eight other locations spread across the U.S., including Cincinnati, Denver, and San Francisco.

Why are they hiring?

Zillow is expanding and wants to grow a new business for the company.

Business Insider reported that the company is pouring resources into its iBuying arm, which they described as a “fast-expanding business in which it purchases and then flips homes for a quick profit while seeking to package lucrative ancillary services into the transactions, such as sourcing mortgage financing for buyers and providing title insurance.” That business took off during the pandemic, and now it wants to grow.

What’s Zillow paying?

Insider reviewed H-1B work visas that disclose salaries for different roles. In the company’s tech department, software engineers can make anywhere from $113,000 to $251,000.

Here are a few of the open positions, where they are, and what their salaries would be, according to the report:

  • Software development engineer (Georgia): $113,110 to $141,400
  • Software development engineer, search (California): $205,000 to $218,400
  • Software development engineering, big data (Washington): $155,106 to $189,600
  • Senior software engineer (California): $186,108 to $251,200
  • Senior applications analyst (Washington): $137,401 to $187,400
  • Senior software development engineer (Washington): $155,106 to $229,300
  • Senior product manager, tech (New York): $156,560 to $193,700

In even higher brackets, a senior director in developer experience based in New York can earn between $300,000 and $325,900. And a director of engineering, a Washington-based job, can make anywhere from $198,453 to $284,400.

Gigs as management analyst or statistician were also found to be top earners. A director of program management could earn upwards of $281,4000, while a senior applied scientist made between $203,670 and $260,800.

Zillow currently has more than 250 remote job positions available on its website.