Wearing these two colors together will help you win every meeting

We know certain colors, especially when combined, can make you happier (or a better employee) but are there certain colors that will help you be the most creative person in the office (and totally chic at the same time)? Well, the answer is yes.

The fashion experts over at Who What Wear have dubbed the very bright combination of pink and orange as the power couple of colors for this fall. After seeing it appear on the runway of Area, Kenzo, Gucci and Anna Sui amongst others, you know this is no fluke. Lauren Eggerston wrote, “Orange and pink have officially been presented with an air of sophistication like we’ve never seen before, and if you let it, the color couple could do wonders to your fall 2019 wardrobe. ”

So why do these colors work together? Well, besides being a very fun departure from the browns, grays, and blacks that dominate our wardrobe in the fall (we basically all dress like witches) this brings a little color back, which is needed as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder. This Ellery Bach Mock Neck Dress, though daring to some, is truly a work of art.

These shades also bring out great characteristics in people if you look at the psychology behind them. Pink enhances creativity as well as joyfulness, but also has a calming effect (perfect for a long meeting.) While orange is very energetic. You don’t get bored in orange!

However, a recent CareerBuilder survey found that orange topped the list for the worst color (25% of employers) and was the color most likely to be associated with someone who is unprofessional. So perhaps don’t opt for orange until you’ve proven yourself at the company or balance it out with pink.