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Thinking, shallow and deep

A shallow thinker solves one problem with one known solution. A deep thinker approaches multiple problems from different angles.


Do you think you deserve a raise? If you have all 8 of these traits, you probably do

If you have these 8 traits, then chances are, your next raise is right around the corner.

Mental Health

How the right song can help you manage anxiety

When it comes to coping tools, it’s hard to find something more universally loved and leaned on than music.

The Whole Human

How to improve productivity and build positive relationships

Weren’t expecting a piece combining productivity AND having that correlate with the importance of relationship-building, were you?

Office Life

6 things that kill morale

Managers must understand what they’re doing to kill morale. These are the worst offenders and must be abolished if you want to hang on to good employees.


7 quotes from 2018 U.S. Open stars that will inspire you in your career

The U.S. Open celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018, with some of the toughest athletes taking the court and going for it all. If you played sports as a kid, then you may be able to relate to the mental and physical challenges they face every day.


Is your dream job what you really want? Ask yourself this one question to find out

Here’s the thing about “dream jobs” though.

Office Life

Why you need a time machine to make big decisions

Nobel winner Daniel Kahneman’s favorite approach for making better decisions, a scaling premortem, can help you and your team avert fiascos.


Business owners’ control of their work-life balance is the fine line between hard work and hell

We live in a society in which people are trying to do more each day.

How To

Here is what happens when you use emotional intelligence to be successful

With a little training and awareness, we can develop the emotional intelligence we need to make smarter choices and be more successful.

The Whole Human

How to know if you’ll be successful

Becoming deeply passionate is within your creative control. As a result, you can completely predict your own success and become as successful as you desire.


Survey: 15% of parents distracted ‘often’ by their cell phones at work

15% of American parents are "often" distracted by their cell phones in the office — meaning that they "lose focus" because of them.


Why you hate the gym now may be tied to your old PE class

Having strong memories of thinking up flimsy excuses to avoid PE class during your school years may explain why you try to avoid the gym now.


Survey: Not everyone is into banning plastic straws

We are open to cutting back on plastic straws to help the environment, but we want there to be a plastic straw if we need one.


Why small and boring plans will change your life

I know that big-picture thinking gets all the glory.

How To

The 2 sneaky reasons great employees become unmotivated

Most employees begin a new job brimming with enthusiasm and excited to bring a fresh perspective to the organization. As time passes though, that enthusiasm can turn into boredom or even full-on disengagement when circumstances change or they start to see things in a different light.

Personal Finance

What you should do after paying off debt

This point in time is actually really important, because it could determine whether you stay out of debt or whether you end up back in debt later. So here are some basics for what to do now.


Should you ever go into business with a friend?

Here, the smartest way to approach becoming professional partners with a friend – keeping your savings account and your friendship intact.


Why I wait 24 hours before working on a new idea

When you get the adrenaline rush of a new idea, don’t use it for working. Use it to dream up more ideas. Write down the idea. Then write down the next 57.


8 success quotes that will upgrade your thinking

How do you make winning choices? They come from winning thoughts. Here are 8 paradigm-shifting quotes to power up your thinking.

Personal Finance

11 financial experts share the best money advice they’ve ever received

Because money advice is subjective, what works best for one person may not work best for another, but it's helpful to have some options.


10 career mistakes I wish I had never made

I’ve cut out the obvious stuff and I made a list of my top 10 mistakes. I hope that at least one of these points is useful to you.


Why your brain procrastinates and how to beat it

Procrastinators put off their to-do list, delay deadlines, and generally make more anxiety for themselves and the people around them waiting to see if they can pull it off. But a new study in Psychological Science finds that it may not be entirely their fault. Some brains are more wired to procrastinate.

Morning Routine

This is how much time people spend in the shower everyday

Showers: Can't live without 'em and....that's about it. We have to get clean and a shower is usually the most effective way to do it unless you have a very laid back morning routine and can hop in the tub for a nice leisure bath. But for most of us, it is a rushed morning shower (though showering at night has some major benefits), or maybe it's not.

How To

Break bad habits in 21 days (more or less)

Choose one bad habit that you want to kick and assign some time, whether 21 days or otherwise, and get yourself on track to be bad-habit free in no time!