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Supercharge your day with these 4 productivity hacks

You are in control of your to-do list, not the other way around. Become super productive by following these four simple, yet powerful productivity hacks.


This brain hack will help you attract good luck

CEOs, professional athletes, professors, and more are using this method to reach a state of 'flow consciousness.' Here’s what it is and how to get there.


This is how to be productive without being miserable: 8 proven secrets

You can be more productive without turning into a robot. Here are the 8 secrets to get you there.

New Year

The guide to tying up professional loose ends before the new year

As the end of the year nears, you might spend some time over the holidays thinking about what you want to do for your career in the next 12 months.


10 research-proven tricks that make you look smarter than you are

How smart people think you are is just as important as how smart you actually are. Here are some proven strategies that can help you appear to be smarter.


5 ways to power through energy troughs at work

When you're not in the most cheerful or energized mood when you get to work, here's how to best shake off your morning haze and get productive.


Here’s why chasing fun will help your career

if you don’t play you become boring. It's time to chase fun. Here is a guide to help you reinvigorate your life and get it back on the fun track.


Five things that will make you much happier

Understanding the impact of gratitude and touch on the brain are among the ways to increase happiness.

Science of Work

Study: These are the best days, times, months, and seasons to be productive

Here's when productivity spikes and slows down, according to new research.


This is the surprising thing people say they’d do in a world where they never had to sleep

Sixty-five percent of Americans think it would "be desirable or very desirable to never have to sleep." Here's what they'd do instead.


Here’s how to use mindfulness to make better decisions

Psychologists took mindfulness and science-tized it and called it Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT for short. Here's how it can help you.


10 ways ridiculously successful people think differently

You can study how ridiculously successful people think and incorporate their approach into your repertoire.


6 basic computer keyboard shortcuts to get you back a few minutes of your life

With just a few basic tweaks to your routine, these keyboard shortcuts can buy you back the time you wasted on searching and copying and pasting at work.


This is how to handle work emails while you’re on vacation, according to 12 experts

How should you handle those office housework emails and calls for help while you're supposed to be on vacation? We asked some experts.


How to be successful: 6 new shortcuts backed by research

The secret to succeeding faster isn’t working more, it’s working different.


How to make yourself work when you’re not in the mood

Fighting procrastination teaches us to fully engage in our work, get more creative and get more done.


This is the fun way to a meaningful life: 3 secrets backed by research

Groups will keep you alive longer and make you happy. Here's how to build the best ones for your future success.


This is how to recover from tragedy: 4 secrets from research

The top 4 secrets to recovering from tragedy.


This is why your job is becoming impossible to do

Your job is becoming impossible because of well-intentioned organization overload


How to be resilient: 8 steps to success when life gets hard

How can we be more resilient? Whether it’s dealing with unemployment, a difficult job, or personal tragedies, here are insights that can help.


These are the 3 habits you need to learn anything

Habits are learned through rewarded practice. These are the three best ways to change your habits and optimize learning.


Ten bad habits you must eliminate from your daily routine

Get rid of these 10 bad habits and see all the good that happens next.


Productivity ninja: 5 powerful tips for getting more stuff done

Become a productivity ninja in five easy steps.


How to make your life better by sending five simple emails

How to make your life better in five simple emails.


This is the one question Jeff Bezos asked himself before launching Amazon

This is the one question Jeff Bezos asked himself that led to him to leave his job to launch Amazon. If you asked it to yourself, where would it lead?