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Study: This is exactly how much you can brag on your resume before it backfires

Bragging about ourselves on cover letters and resumes can influence a hiring manager's decision. Self-promotional language works — up to a point.


This is why Americans suffer from vacation deprivation

Among more than 30,000 employed adults surveyed in 30 nations, 43% of American workers claim they don’t take office getaways because of their "budget."


Most American workers didn’t get raises this year — with this exception

Many people didn't get a raise this year, you're not alone. Besides flying off the handle, here are a few things you can do to change that next year.


Uber lawsuit says ‘stack ranking’ evaluation is discriminatory

Under stack ranking evaluations, your colleagues become your competitors, and the workplace transforms into a battleground.


Survey: Thinking we’re being paid fairly matters more than actually being paid fairly

How you feel about how your company pays you matters much more than the hard numbers of your paycheck, regardless if you were making a fair wage or not.

Office Life

WeGrow is a new entrepreneur school for five-year-olds

It's never too early to start a business. That's the spirit of WeGrow, a private elementary school for “conscious entrepreneurship” from the WeWork founders.


The next sunset after 5pm won’t happen until late January — here are 4 ways to cope

Early sunsets, freezing days: Here's how to make it through the cold, dark, depressing winter months with your spirit intact.


Study: Actually, psychopaths aren’t financial geniuses

How do you identify a manager who is a psychopathic force of manipulation and deception? Apparently, body language gives it away.


New York City institutes paid ‘safe leave’ for domestic violence

A paid 'safe leave' bill has been signed into law in New York City to offer financial support and workplace protection to domestic violence survivors.

Science of Work

Study: Witnessing rudeness in the morning will ruin the rest of your day

A new study found that exposure to rudeness works like a contagion, infecting our moods and productivity with its bad energy.


Fewer than half of Americans say a successful career is necessary to achieve the American Dream

43% of Americans deem a successful career as essential to the American Dream, and 11% put getting wealthy in that same category.


Survey: These are the reasons employees stay — or don’t

Employee retention can be difficult, especially when it comes to your top performers. Here's what companies can do to retain their best employees.


Survey: Remote workers are paranoid and feel left out

Half of remote workers said that they did not feel like their voice was getting heard as much as on-site employees. Morale is low and stress is high.

Office Life

Want 6 extra days of paid vacation a year? You’ll have to quit smoking

Marketing company Piala Inc. introduced a new policy in September that grants its non-smoking employees six extra days of paid time off a year.


This is how your kids might accidentally get you fired

After an iPhone X engineer brought his daughter to the Apple campus, he was fired after she posted a YouTube video of her visit that went viral.


Study: This is how important it is to have a supportive manager

As anyone who has had a good mentor or a bad manager at work knows all too well, when you have a supportive boss, it can make all the difference.


Survey: These are the top office stress factors

Recent research reveals that the top cause of stress for 42% of employees is 'unclear goals,' followed by 'commute' and 'bad manager.' Here's the rest.


Three states move to block agreements concealing harassment at work

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, legislators in New York, New Jersey and California are working to block NDAs concealing harassment at work.

Job Search

3 top reasons people turn down a job offer

Sometimes, for the sake of your career and your sanity, you must say no and walk away from a job offer. Here's when you should.


Believing you’re an insomniac may be costing you sleep and productivity

Is your insomnia all in your head? Your inability to fall asleep is not enough to make you an insomniac — you have to identify as one, too.

Science of Work

Here’s how attractiveness can hurt you at work

It's clear that what you look like can affect your hiring process, but your attractiveness might not affect your job search in the ways you might think.

Gender at Work

Study: Women are doing same work as men with different outcomes

Researchers initially hypothesized that women were to blame for not getting promoted. They were wrong.

Job Search

These are the 10 best high-paying jobs for millennials

Saddled with debt and wary of an unstable job market, millennials are looking for lucrative work, a study has found.


These high-paying jobs have the worst divorce rates

Doctors have the highest divorce rate — approximately 22% — of people in the highest-paying occupations in the nation. High income is no safety net.

The Future of Work

8 workplace predictions for 2018

From increased opportunities to work remotely to a shrinking number of staff jobs, 2018 has interesting changes in store.