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Equal Pay Day

Survey: 68% of women believe they are paid equally to men

New research from ahead of Equal Pay Day, on April 10, shows that 68% of women believe they are being paid the same amount of money as men at their company with a “similar” professional background.


New headset would allow ‘silent speech’ between humans and tech

There's new technology that wants to make conversations with your devices and other humans completely silent and seamless. People will be able to talk without opening their mouth.

Equal Pay Day

3 ways the gender pay gap still hurts women

Women face financial penalties at work and at home that follow them throughout their career, creating cycles of being underpaid.


Sorry, California: Here are 4 science-backed reasons to keep drinking coffee

There are countless studies and data points that show coffee is actually not only good for your health, it can help you be more productive at work.


5 ways your phone is ruining your sleep (and your life)

Did you know that 71% of people actually fall asleep either holding their smartphone, having it in bed with them, or having it on their nightstand? In other words, we are addicted to our phones and it is really taking a toll on our sleep which can throw off our waking hours.


Study reveals the state of the workplace in the #MeToo era

Overall, 59% of women and 27% of men report getting "unwanted sexual advances or verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature."


Study: You make five times as many writing errors on your phone than a PC

People make an average of five times as many errors writing on our phones than when using a computer, "even though fewer words are typed on mobile."


Survey: 61% of entry-level jobs require 3+ years of experience

Emerging professionals who are early in their career face a conundrum: You need a job in order to get experience, but you need experience in order to get a job — how do you get one without the other?

The Whole Human

The states where the most (and least) stressed people live

Personal finance site WalletHub ranked which states had the most stressed-out people by looking at factors from hours worked per week to personal bankruptcy rate to share of adults getting adequate sleep.


Police investigate YouTube active shooter

Police have confirmed Tuesday afternoon that they were responding to an active shooter situation at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, Calif.


Study: 45% have shed tears, 52% have gotten visibly angry at work

New research shows that a whopping 52% of employees say they have visibly gotten angry at work, and 45% say they've shed tears.


Study: Women in heavier makeup are less likely to be seen as leaders

For women to be taken seriously by their colleagues at work, they may have to hold back on the mascara.


35% of Americans would give up the right to vote for a raise

LendEDU surveyed 1,238 employed people in the U.S. and asked what they would be willing to sacrifice for a 10% raise and the results were interesting, to say the least.


These are the best and worst states for personal income growth

How did your state do?


Olympic champ Chloe Kim on the secret to facing challenges head on

This is how she conquered the halfpipe.


Female-only coworking space accused of discrimination

Are women only co-working spaces really discriminatory?

Career advice

Richard Branson on flex policies, what Virgin looks for in an employee, and lessons learned

Entrepreneur Richard Branson gave a keynote presentation this week at the Adobe Summit, a digital marketing conference, in which he made a serious case for why Americans need more vacation time.


Reputation (not skill) more likely to get a crowdsourcing idea funded

When you're buying an unfinished product from someone crowdfunding their idea on the internet, trust matters — even more than actual skill.


Survey: Salary is more taboo than sex, marriage woes and STDs

We are more willing to bring up our messy marriages, conniving coworkers, and declining health before we bring up salaries with our closest friends.


Most tech workers agree this one trait is least appealing in a boss

Chances are, there's something in particular about your manager that really gets under your skin at work. Here's what people think are the worst characteristics a boss can have.


Guy fired for being rude claims he’s not impolite, just French

A French waiter in Canada experienced the limits of workplace incivility when he was fired for allegedly acting aggressive, rude and combative to his coworkers. And now he's suing his former employer for violating his human rights, arguing that he was not rude — he's just French.


Even if your phone’s turned off, its nearby presence is distracting you

Turns out, putting your smartphone down in front of you will not help you escape its distracting siren's call. According to new research, our phone's mere presence is enough to wreak havoc on our ability to think ... even if it's face down.


New bill wants to give employees the right to ignore email after-hours

Do you dread answering work emails long after you have left work? A new New York City bill wants to help you ward off demanding bosses who expect answers at all hours of the day and night.


This group of people are the happiest workers in the world

The happiest people at work probably aren't in your office.


Survey reveals people think Siri and Alexa are female tech leaders

When it came naming famous male tech leaders, the majority of respondents had no problems. But when it came to naming a woman, only 4% could actually produce a name. The problem: A quarter of them named virtual assistants “Siri” and “Alexa.”