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Is Your Life Story Boring?

Your story needs to be sticky.

After 1,000 Applications, Director Finds Focus

David Goldstein considered everything from flower delivery to a cashier’s spot and sent out hundreds of applications for full-time work.

Apply-Interview-Negotiate. Repeat.

Finding a new job is rarely a straight path.

Are You a Hunter or a Farmer?

There are two types of job seekers.

Taking a Leap to Land a Finance Job

This FinanceLadder member’s job search was moving slowly – until she gambled a steady paycheck against job satisfaction.

What Career Path Fits Your Goals?

You daydream of different industries and new roles, but consider these four options before taking steps on a new path.

Top 10 Places to Include Your Headshot

Don’t put your photo on your resume, but do put your headshot on your online profiles.

Tech-Savvy Marketer Lands Job in Two Weeks

Marketer’s in-demand skills make for a brief search.

Is Your Status Update Still ‘Looking for Work?’

Be positive, not needy.

How to Retrain Your Brain for Change

Big changes are happening for you.

Volunteering Expands Network, Reveals Jobs

When Brian Clark needed to extend his network, he turned to volunteer work.

You’re All Qualified. How Being Positive Can Get You the Job

If you made it to the second interview, you’re likely qualified for the job – just like the other candidates that made it that far.

Two Layoffs, One Family: When a Household Is Out of Work

What happens when two incomes become no incomes?

Every Job Search Is a Family Affair

When you’re looking for employment, keep the kids in mind.

How to Land a Green-Collar Job

Show what you know.

Financial-Services Freeze Opens Up Network’s Calendars

When Michael Benjamin found himself out of work in October 2008, he used the slump to make new contacts.

A Father Finds a Job Close to Home

Jeromy Smith needed more time with his family.

Medical Sales Manager Finds Right-Sized Health Care Jobs

Kevin Andres wanted a sales position that was just right for his health-services experience and career track.

Out of Work? How Long Before It Hurts Your Career?

How long can you be out of work before recruiters cringe at the gap on your resume?

How to Find Unadvertised Jobs and Use Unofficial Recruiting

Work your insider connections even as you try the official channels.

Director Perseveres In Second Job Hunt of the Year

Hugh Taylor had barely settled in at IBM when the recession claimed his new job.

Transferable Skills and How to Sell Them

How do you sell your skills to a new industry?

How to Pass Employer Screening Requirements

In a buyer’s market, the right certifications and credentials can make the difference between an offer and a rejection.

B&B Owner Returns to Corporate Career in Operations

Steve Hunt and his wife tried running their own bed and breakfast but found they preferred corporate corridors.

How to Stop Overextending Yourself : A Self-Care Worksheet

The job search is strenuous.