This weird accessory that your grandmother loves may be all the rage this spring

We get a lot of things from our grandmothers. Wisdom, love and apparently fashion tips. The baboushka which is a knotted headscarf has come to be closely associated with grandmother types, especially for when they walk in the rain is now the new “it” fashion accessory according to Vogue. Now headscarves have always been glamorous. Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn were big fans when they wanted to go incognito (except it had the opposite effect actually as it made them look more enigmatic.) But the baboushka is worn in a slightly less sophisticated but more practical way (probably to protect your grandmother’s hair from the three drops of rain she thinks she felt.)

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This look has been spotted on such fashion icons as Kendall Jenner, Chloe Sevigny and rapper A$AP Rocky. Sevigny, always on the cutting edge of fashion, even went so far as to pair her baboushka with a grandma-chic jacket by Simone Rocha.  Designers are also embracing the look including Gucci and Balenciaga.

Grandmas gone wild

But the grandma style isn’t just happening with small accessories. Dressing like a grandma is a super trend in fashion right now. According to Who What Wear, “Grandma dressing is the trend that keeps on trending. What started with the rise of ladylike bags and silk scarves has quickly escalated to oversize ruffled collars, lace tights, and cozy cardigans. Essentially, when it comes to this way of dressing, if it looks like it could have come from the depths of your grandmother’s closet, put it on.” Grandma heels (which good news, are at a sensible height) are also quite popular right now. Kate Middleton was even seen in a pair. So grab your warmest cardigan, some sensible shoes and complain about “Kids today!”

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