This is what the most powerful woman in fashion says you should wear to a job interview

Anna Wintour is arguably the most powerful person in fashion as she continues to reign supreme as the Editor in Chief of Vogue. Books have been written about her (or thinly veiled versions of her), movies and documentaries abound and though it weighs more than a newborn baby, the Vogue September Issue is still required reading for many households.

So, wouldn’t you want to know what the woman who can end a designer’s career in one look thinks you should wear to a job interview at Vogue?

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Luckily you don’t have to wonder anymore because in the new video series, Ask Anna, someone asks that very question for you (which means you don’t have to be in the presence of that icy stare.) Here was her answer:

“It’s so interesting to me how people dress when they come in for interviews,” Wintour says in the video. “Sometimes you feel they’re wearing clothes that they just bought that morning, or maybe the night before, and not something that in any way suits their personality and who they are. I think what everyone should remember, whether they’re interviewing at Vogue or indeed anywhere, that we’re not hiring your wardrobe. Your wardrobe is not going to be doing the job for you — it’s who you are.”

But what does that mean exactly? Wintour continues, “I’ll always remember a young man who came in in a dress and a handbag, and I gave him the job on the spot. You have to dress for yourself. It’s the same for any job you might be going for. I think it doesn’t do yourself a service to fake it.”

So there it is. Simple as that. Dress authentically as you if you are trying to sell yourself. Of course, a job at Vogue is very different than a law or finance firm but even if you are wearing a suit or pencil skirt see if there is a small part you can add to it that is all you. Maybe a small accessory or pop of color.

Watch the full video here for more Anna Wintour tidbits.

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