This is how super successful people pitch themselves in interviews

There’s nothing worse than sitting in an interview and stumbling over your own words when asked about yourself.

This is your time to shine. Your time to sing your own praises. So how do super successful people do it and make themselves sound like superman?

Here’s what they do.

Dress for Success

Before you even say a word, the interviewer sizes you up when you walk in the door.

What you wear and how you carry yourself, speaks volumes. Choose your clothing according to the industry and dress in power colors, like red, blue, and green.

You’ll feel empowered just by dressing successfully, so you’ll be less likely to trip over your own words.

Tailor Your Speech for the Job

Creating your pitch isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. You have to talk about the job and how you would help with the company’s pain points. Don’t just say generic statements.

Use examples from the company and how you could make things better. The more you can put yourself in the company, the easier it is for the interviewer to picture you working there making a difference.

Keep It Short and Sweet

While you want to sell yourself, you don’t want to bore the interviewer.

They call it an elevator pitch because it should be short and sweet. Hit the main points fast, and don’t use unnecessary words.

Get right to the point and incorporate the company’s needs in it. This is your time to shine, not bore your audience.

Practice the Speech 

Don’t assume you’ll ace the interview. Practice it. Super successful people stand in front of their mirror and give their pitch over and over again.

They play with their facial gestures and body language. They do this until they’ve nailed it so that their appearance is powerful, successful, and like they mean business.

Stay Positive on the Outside No Matter How You Feel on the Inside

You’re not going to ace every interview, and that’s okay. Fake it till you make it! Put a smile on your face and give off positive vibes no matter how you feel inside.

Even if you think you ruined your chances, you never know until it’s over. Super successful people never let anyone know how they’re feeling on the inside. You never know when your vulnerability may have won over the interviewer, don’t give up.

Make the Company Feel Like They Need You

Even though you need the job you’re interviewing for, turn the tables. Make the company feel like they need you. How? With your pitch. Make it so solid that the company wonders how they ever go on without you.

This requires a little research because you need to know what the company is all about and what void they are trying to fill. Get as much information from insiders as you can and really tailor your pitch, so the interviewer finds himself smitten with you within 30 seconds.

Act like the super successful people who walk into an interview and have the room under their spell in seconds.

All it takes is a little practice, dressing the part, and doing mega research so you truly know what the company needs and so you can show them exactly how you fit that role.