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The top 5 things that will significantly improve your productivity today

To alleviate this stress and confusion, here are the top productivity strategies that will significantly improve your productivity today.


This is the free online course Bill Gates thinks everyone should take

We know Bill Gates has a stellar list of books for you to read but he is not done making recommendations. In a recent post on his blog he praised historian David Christian, the author of Origin Story, who is also the creator of, Big History, his "favorite course of all time." The course, which Gates has also Tweeted about, essentially fits 13.8 billion years of history into 6 hours. Plus it's free!


Here are 185 books Bill Gates has read and thinks you should too

Like many prolific business leaders, Bill Gates is a great reader. Gates reads about 50 books per year which means he is going through one per week. And not only is he reading about them but then he is writing recommendations for them on his blog and encouraging the world to adopt his vociferous appetite for books (sometimes with the help of puppies.) In a recent interview with The New York Times Gates said reading is one of his main tools for learning. "These days, I also get to visit interesting places, meet with scientists, and watch a lot of lectures online," Gates explained. "But reading is still the main way that I both learn new things and test my understanding."