These places are paying workers to relocate there

The labor shortage is so bad in some American cities, they are resorting to offering people thousands of dollars to relocate and help fill positions according to a report in The Wall Street Journal. Here are three Midwest areas and what they are offering to move there:

What you’ll get for moving to Hamilton, Ohio

Hamilton will reportedly give people $5,000 to use for student loan payments — 12 people have reportedly “applied” for the money as of the time of the WSJ story, but they reportedly “all live and work in the region.”

Do you fit the criteria? A foundation in the area is helping those who say they’ll spend two years living in downtown Hamilton, to pay off their student loans through 11 scholarships. They also have to work in the arts, technology, science or engineering fields.

The program was based on one in St. Clair County, Michigan, which also gives people money for the same purpose.

What you’ll get for moving to North Platte, Nebraska

The area’s chamber of commerce is giving away as much as $10,000 for people to come live and work there, and you’ll receive a check at a ceremony in your honor.

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So far, two people have moved there to help fill some of the hundreds of openings.

What you’ll get for moving to Grant County, Indiana

Grant County’s economic development office is offering $5,000 toward the purchase of a house. Tim Eckerle, executive director of the Grant County Economic Growth Council, told WSJ that approximately 100 people have already moved in and purchased homes there as a result of the program.

They are looking for people with “advanced training or a college degree” and you have to remain in the county for five years, or give back the $5,000 if you move away.

But that’s not all: The area’s chamber of commerce is coming up with an additional scholarship valued at $9,000 for student loans, outside of the existing $5,000 offering for a home.