These are officially the best road trips in America to take

Most Americans said they were heading for at least one summer road trip this summer — and they might want to try one of these routes.

GeoTab aggregated information from Lonely Planet, National Geographic, National Parks Service and other sources to compile its ultimate road trip rankings for 2019. The connected vehicle company asked 1,000 US residents their preferred road trip vacation length and determined Monument Valley Trails in Southern Utah as the top destination in 2019.

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1. Monument Valley Trails

monument valley

Where: Southern Utah
How long: 5 days

It offers some of the best landscapes in the US including trips through famed rock formations and the scenic Valley of the Gods. It also stores the Hovenweep National Monument, the home of six clusters of Pueblo villages that dates over 10,000 years.

Routes: US Route 191, US Route 163, State Route 261, State Route 95, US Route 262 (Utah)

2. Yellowstone and the Tetons


Where: Wyoming
How long: 7 days

Hike toward the Grand Prismatic Spring Overlook, just one of the natural attractions to make your jaw drop.

Routes: US Route 287, US Route 20, US Route 191, US Route 212, US Route 89 (Wyoming)

3. Mesa Verde and San Juan Mountains

mesa verde

Where: Colorado
How long: 7 days

Mesa Verde has over 5,000 archeological sites of the Ancestral Pueblo people while the San Juan Mountains has hiking, fishing and a mining legacy dating back to when prospectors were chasing gold in 1873.

Routes: US Route 160, US Route 550, State Route 145 (Colorado)

4. Along the Missouri River

missouri river

Where: Missouri, North Dakota
How long: 7 days

Follow the steps of Lewis & Clark along the Missouri River or visit the Gateway Arch in St. Louis to the ample music scene in Kansas City and Omaha. There’s a ton of stops to make and if you want to swerve off the route, there’s the small-town USA feeling all around you.

Routes: State Route 200 (North Dakota), Interstate 94 (North Dakota), State Route 34 (South Dakota), State Route 50 (South Dakota), US Route 75 (Iowa), US Route 36 (Kansas), Interstate 29 (Missouri), US Route 24 (Missouri)

5. Blue Ridge Parkway

blue ridge parkway

Where: Virginia, North Carolina
How long: 5 days

The 469-mile stretch crawls through Virginia and North Carolina, offering a steady flow of vibrant history through the Appalachian Mountains. Take a dip in the New River, North America’s oldest river or stop by Mount Mitchell, the highest mountain peak in the eastern United States.

Routes: State Route 194, US Route 321, US Route 221, US Route 25, Interstate 40 (North Carolina)

6. Oregon’s Pacific Coast

oregon pacific coast

Where: Oregon
How long: 7 days

— This trip has just about everything. From stunning, untouched beaches to many hiking grounds, Oregon’s Pacific Coast is a picturesque dream that shares the beauty and treasures of the Pacific coastline.

Routes: US Route 101 (Oregon)

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