The main thing Millennials want the most from their workspace

If you think all Millennials care about is avocado toast and traveling you would be wrong (though they do care about those a lot.) What they really care about is workspace according to a new report from WeWork and market research company Ipsos that surveyed 4,112 workers ages 18 and older across the U.S., United Kingdom, France, and Germany between Oct. 3 and Oct. 5, 2018.  Apparently what they really care about is their work environment.

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When U.S. workers were asked what would make them more satisfied with their current job environment, the top responses focused specifically on the workspace were great work areas, more space and privacy, and clean workspaces. This preference outweighed other benefits including higher pay, better hours, better management and more vacation. And though there have been recent arguments against open office spaces apparently Millennials can’t get enough of being around people. They crave it. The survey found they love to work in common spaces and in dining halls. Even people working independently want to know that people are around and available to them.

Emily Roemer of Emily Roemer Designs said, “When I moved to NYC and started my own business I was worried about a lot of things – finding clients and working in an environment where I didn’t feel lonely or confined were on the top of that list. I immediately knew this was the place for me when I saw the cool neon signs, met the nicest people – the community leads and other members, and the learned that they have an extensive member network online.”

Though when they need privacy they like a phone booth (those relics of the past.)

Perhaps it is because Millennials really value collaboration, the survey also found. The poll found that 67% of satisfied workers interact with people outside their company one or more times a week and 52% of satisfied workers collaborate with five or more people in their offices on any given day, and rank “opportunities to work on a collaborative team” as the best way to give their careers a boost.

About 3.4 million gave notice in July 2018 alone, so this hiring season will be a big one as we’ve already begun to see many pursuing new careers in the new year.

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