The priceless lesson for living your best life from a 4-year-old

What do you love?

What gets you so fired up for living each day that you can barely contain your excitement? Those emotions, feelings and goose bumps that come from thinking to the future and bubbling over with genuine joy and love in your heart?

I realized very early this morning that my son has been teaching me a priceless life lesson over the last several weeks. I wanted to share our conversation with you now:

My 4-year old son: Daddy is today my baseball game?

Me: No.

Son: Ohhh! Is my baseball game tomorrow when I wake up?

Dad: Yes

Son: Yeeah! Yeeah! Baseball! Let’s go play!

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I may actually have the next Mike Trout as my son.

But it got me to thinking- as I rose out of bed to begin my day, it was so refreshing to hear my son’s enthusiasm for what’s next. He loves baseball, but he also loves life.

He always asks me, “What do we do tomorrow when we wake up?”

That mindset of looking forward to the next thing is priceless.

It’s really the best mindset for living that I can think of. All about what is coming next.

From the lips of a beautiful 4-year old boy, it comes in the form of a question:

What will I do tomorrow when I wake up?


Now, I pose the question to you:

What will you do tomorrow when you wake up?

You have the control — the autonomy — over this decision. You are empowered to act on your own behalf, as well as that of your family, to live the life you want to life. To do work that you love. To put the people and things in your life that light you up inside.

Despite how much you may feel at times that society has its restrictions, that the walls are caving in, or that you cannot live your dream life, I assure you that you can.

When I first became a full-time entrepreneur, oddly enough, I didn’t feel nearly as “free” as I thought I would. I was putting more pressure on myself — and dealing with more anxiety — than I was before I left my very stressful, very unfulfilling “9-to-5” job.

Every day felt like a time crunch. A battle against time to get the most things done that I possibly could, organization and essentialism be damned.

I wore myself into the ground, despite a head full of optimism and a heart full of enthusiasm and hope. I lost sight of the clarity and freedom of thought that we all need to do our best work and live our best lives. What do I mean?

We’re at our best when we stop enforcing our own mental shackles.

We’re at our best when we live, lead and love straight from our hearts, and then let that incredible passion infuse itself into our relationships and work.

So much of this is born from a renewed enthusiasm each day to live the best life that we possibly can. It’s a daily reinforcement of looking forward to what’s next — unbridled optimism and hope that the next day will be the one that we take our biggest step forward to becoming the person we’ve always wanted to be.

No matter where you are in your life now, I want you to know that you have this incredible power within your control. You have to recognize it and see it for yourself. Once you do, you will be well on your way. Committing to this mindset, then taking action to work toward your big dreams and goals, is what great living is all about.

Wherever you are in your career, ask yourself, what are you doing tomorrow when you wake up?

If it’s not something that you love- that gets you super excited- it may be time to re-evaluate and think about what does get you fired up.

Love what you do. Look forward to every day with a youthful spirit and joy in your heart.

Lessons from a 4-year old future Hall of Famer.

This article originally appeared on Medium.

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