The number of people who don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day may surprise you

It’s game time, ladies and gentlemen: Valentine’s Day fast approaches. This is the holiday where you get to show someone you love them by paying $12 for a card they’ll never read again, buying jewelry they won’t even like and paying hundreds for a dinner that’s probably so-so. Ah, the joys of love — get ready to dig into your coffers.

Or don’t. Because apparently, we’re not all as materialistic as you might think.

No gifts please

New YouGov Omnibus data indicates that 33% of Americans “would not like to receive anything for Valentine’s Day.” Among men, that number spikes to 41%, while women are a little more into gifting — only one in four says she’s not interested in being on the receiving end on V-day.

And for those who do want a little somethin’ somethin’ to brighten up their Feb. 14, it seems clichés still reign supreme: 22% of people — 28% of women and 16% of men — would like some chocolate or other candy, and 17% — 5% of men and 27% of women — are into flowers.

Also, Hallmark has obviously done a number on us: 23% of Americans want a card for Valentine’s Day, presumably dripping with all the sappy feelings we keep bottled up the rest of the year. So we are all sentimentalists in the end. Or maybe we just like bedazzled paper.

Credit: YouGov

For those hoping for candy or cards this February, there’s good news: 26% of Americans plan to give sweet treats to their Valentines, and 27% intend to (hopefully) write a few words to their loves (please don’t just lean on the pre-written sentiment — that’s the very definition of laziness). Then, 7% are planning to gift jewelry, and aren’t their cuddle buddies lucky?

Love don’t cost a thing

But Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank to be romantic. A majority of Americans (53%) who plan to give V-day gifts say they’re likely to spend between $1 and $49.99 on the holiday in its entirety, and only 4% say they’ll spend $200 or more. Even on a special night, there are still bills to pay the next morning.

Plus, if you’ve got a real keeper, it won’t matter if you get them anything for Valentine’s Day — though, you know, some flowers are always a nice touch.