The Microsoft Word trick you didn’t know can improve your resume

Your resume is no longer a simple piece of fancy paper with some ink printed on it; your resume is what allows you to advance within your organization or land an opportunity to interview for another. 

Today, we will help you uncover how to perfect your resume using Microsoft Word as well as the following:

  • How to perfect your resume with Microsoft Word creator
  • Tips to help your resume stand out from the crowd

Where to start

The days are gone of you emailing out your generic resume to countless recruiters and hiring managers – you have to make sure your resume stands out, looks good, and describes who you are. 

But where do you start when it comes to perfecting your resume? 

If you don’t currently have a resume, what you will want to do is complete the following steps:

  1. Open Microsoft Word
  2. Select more templates when the program opens
  3. Choose Resumes & Cover Letters

Next, you will want to select a resume template that allows you to fill in your necessary information. The best bet is to make sure you choose a simple, concise template and doesn’t look too crowded!!

A simple yet effective resume template will allow you to customize it to your liking. Including your basic information like contact information, education, and work experience is simple. After completing this initial step (if you haven’t already), here is where perfection comes in.

The downside of using Word for your resume:

Remember that almost every person who writes a document and creates any sort of resume almost always does it on Microsoft Word. This means the resume template you use can also be the same one countless others use. 

After making your resume, when you’re looking to stand out, be sure to perfect your resume with these tips.  

Here are some ideas to consider when perfecting your resume with Microsoft Word! 

Add your photo

First, be sure to include your photo on your resume. This trendy move lets the potential employer and hiring manager associate a name with a face instead of just a name. 

By adding a professional photograph of yourself to your resume, you will catch the attention of whoever sorts through resumes. Whether it is the recruiter or the hiring manager, a photo is almost guaranteed to help you with the 6-second resume test! 

Tweak the colors

Remember how everyone almost always uses Microsoft Word to create their resume? 

Keeping this in mind, you will want to make sure your potential employer can distinguish your resume from all the rest. This means changing the colors. 

Hypothetically, if you end up going with a resume template straight from Microsoft Word and the top banner color is navy, you should switch it to another color. As simple as this sounds, most people will simply throw their information into a template and be done with it. 

That is not perfecting a resume; that is completing one. Separate yourself by taking the extra effort to adjust colors and perhaps some fonts. 

Tweak it to the job description, every time

Tailoring your resume for every job description that you apply for is a must. Microsoft Word makes this easy. Simply open your resume, and before applying, make some adjustments tailored to a specific job. 

The IT job you’re applying for doesn’t care about your prior experience in another sector unless, of course, you relate the two. This is vital and can be done quickly with Word. Just be sure to save the copy as it’s own file! 

Action verbs

The cool thing about Microsoft Word is you can select words by highlighting them, right-clicking, selecting thesaurus, and perhaps finding a similar but more effective action verb to describe you. 

Action verbs will help you stand out; remember, everyone else has already said they are a “Hard Worker,” they are a team player, and they’re organized. Simply running your resume through the eyeball test or having a friend look it over with you is a quick way to reword some of the verbs existing on your resume to make yourself more attractive on paper! 

Beat the algorithm

Depending on the size of the company you apply to, some companies will use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – basically a computer algorithm – to sort high quantities of resumes. This means your resume needs to contain the right words to make it in front of two eyeballs. 

The most significant way to make sure your resume is read by a person and not a robot is to be sure it details why you’re qualified for the position you’re applying for! If this is not conveyed, you won’t even be considered. 

If the job description says, “Must have four years of management experience,” make sure you do and include that on your resume in some capacity. Hence why the tailoring your resume to every job is essential. 

Does it pass the eyeball test?

Microsoft Word is straightforward to use, navigate, and format your resume, but you always have to make sure it passes the eyeball test, something Word can’t do. 

Consider finding templates others made online. That way, you have a unique resume template that is compatible with Microsoft Word. Next, simply look at your resume and see if you like how it looks when printed or saved in PDF form. 

Bonus: How to avoid standing out the wrong way!

Keep in mind; your resume can always stand out the wrong way too. Be sure to include a professional email and use consistent formatting with your resume. 

Making sure your email isn’t a silly personal email or one that has or at the end. 

If you use your email like “” right away, this gets noticed for some weird reason, stands out in the wrong way.

Lastly, keeping a consistent resume is vital, in addition to being concise. Microsoft Word should make this process simple, but be sure to crosscheck your resume at the end just to be careful!  Be sure also to make sure your font size is consistent, as well as your font selection. 

  • All headings should be of the same size and font.
  • All other text should be of the same size and font.
  • If a date is italicized, all other dates should be too.
  • Indentations matter; make sure you’re consistent.