There is only 1 type of cover letter that is actually effective

Just the sound of the two words “Cover Letter” can give me flashbacks to the days when applying for my first job and constantly having to adjust it. 

While it’s not the sexiest thing to do without time (that’s for sure), and it might seem like sending your resume out to countless job opportunities seems more beneficial, a cover letter matters to a prospective employer. 

And the cover letter they want to see is that cover letter that looks like YOU! 

More often than not, it is easy for us to get caught up in the self-absorbing mode of showcasing what we have to offer, where’ve we been, and about ourselves, while all of that is fine and dandy (and quite necessary), we tend to overdo it!

We often tend to put on a persona that is easy to tell is fake if we’re honest, and it can actually discredit you and your potential new employer. 

Therefore, to get the most out of the cover letter, you need to write to land the job you want; follow these key pointers below! 

3 tips to the perfect cover letter for you

1. Make it relevant!

Nothing is more disheartening than a cover letter that looks groom and polished but is not relevant to the job position you are applying for. 

One key tip to keep in mind is that many employers out there who get bombarded with hundreds of resumes use keyword searches to identify relevance right off the bat, and you can get passed in a matter of seconds if it’s not relevant. Irrelevance tunes people out. Please don’t do it! 

Study the job description of the position you are applying for and take the skillsets you’ve learned in other workplaces and mold them to fit the one’s being asked for.

There’s a 10/10 chance that there are universal skillsets everywhere you’ve worked that can be talked about in your new cover letter. Adapt to the context, folks! 

Note: This will separate you from most candidates who will use a generic, one size fits approach to their cover letter! 

2. Make it personable

Employers enjoy the most when they read your cover letter and know that a human is behind it! The fancy jargon and elaborate structure of words that look good and smell good aren’t always ideal.

Right off the bat, one of the things you want the reader to know is your persona, your energy, and what you’re all about! 

Although this might not be conventional in some circles, and if it isn’t and more formal, use your brain and adjust, but you want to ensure the reader finishes with something to take home. Your uniqueness will help you stand out, so add your personality to the mix! 

Applicants that are expressive and relatable definitely give you a psychological edge, so why not take advantage of it! 

3. Make it concise!

Your cover letter is meant to give an overview of YOU, your skills, intentions/goals, etc. You don’t need to write a whole book to get your point across! In this day and age, the attention span for many in the fast-paced society we live in is minimal, so less is more.

You don’t have to make your cover letter the most professional masterpiece with all the fancy fix-ins mentioned before. Keep it simple as much as possible, and the reader, your future employer, will thank you kindly! Keep in mind they read, oh I don’t, hundreds upon hundreds of resumes, ‘nuff said! 

If it’s relevant and personable, it will be brief. Interesting how that works out! 

Final thoughts

We live in some changing times these days, and more and more people are getting to that point where they have to hit reset when it comes to their old, archaic like cover letters.

Your prospective employer wants to see YOU in your new cover letter and enhancing your cover letter at the end of the day is all a will, not a skill. It’s up to you to align the pieces to make it work and give you a better shot of landing that new job! 

Behind every principle is a promise. When you make your resume relevant to what you’re applying for, personable and relatable to your own self, and brief and to the point, you put yourself in the best possible position to win big time! It’s your time to crush it!