The best weekday to apply for jobs (it’s not what you’d think)

What is the best day to apply for a new job? A study by Smart Recruiters found that answer, and it is probably not what you think. 

The statistics are telling: the average corporate job gets over 250 resumes. Of those resumes, only 4 to 6 candidates will be called in for an interview. And, of course, only one will get the job. 

Therefore, anything that we can do to improve our chances of getting the job, among hundreds of other resumes all vying for the hiring manager’s attention, helps. 

The Smart Recruiters study also found that the same day is the most popular day for companies to post new jobs and when the greatest number of candidates get hired for new positions. 

Okay, so what’s the answer? The best day to apply for a job is Tuesday. 

Tuesday is the most active day for jobs

The study found that most weeks are front-loaded with new job postings. It said that almost 60% of job postings were published between Monday and Wednesday on most weeks, with Tuesday being the hottest day of the week for new jobs. 

Tuesday is also the most popular day for hiring decisions to be made. It is when the majority of us get hired for new positions. 

“For hiring teams and job seekers, Tuesday seems to be the magic day for hiring success,” wrote Smart Recruiters. 

“As a job candidate, take the weekend to get your ducks in a row, update your resume, get your references lined up and watch the job boards for new postings during the beginning of the week, specifically on Tuesdays.”

The study also noted that candidates who apply for jobs shortly after they are posted have a greater likelihood of getting in on the first round of interviews, which can be an important element in getting the job. Why? Because the longer a job posting sits unfilled, the greater the competition. 

Is late morning the best time to apply?

The study also found that most jobs are posted around 11 am, while the majority of job candidates do not apply for new jobs until mid-afternoon. Getting your resume in early could boost your chances of getting an early interview and closing the deal before a lot more competition rolls in. 

If possible, take your lunch break to look through job postings and submit your resume before the mid-afternoon job rush. 

Many employers assume that candidates who get their resumes in early are especially eager and motivated to find a job. If they are top talent, then they don’t want to lose them. 

Applying for new jobs isn’t always easy. There a lot of competition out there. Hiring managers typically spend less than 10 to 15 seconds on each resume before deciding whether to call them in for an interview. 

As a result, any advantage that we can make for ourselves will better position us to get that job. 

If you are searching for a job, spend Tuesday morning looking through new job postings and be prepared to submit your resume to anything that looks like a good fit.