The best job search sites to find your next role

Finding a job is like swinging from one vine to the next, uncertain and exciting. Time to freshen a resume and drum up some motivation to hit the streets, or the search engines. It can be intimidating. There are so many job search engines out there, many with outdated or repeated job titles up. We put together the 7 best based on searchability, resume readers and salary options. 

Check out the best job sites to make your next career move, below. 

1. Ladders



From the best advice on the search to the best engine, The Ladders offers high-paying opportunities to find the title of your dreams. Ladders care about getting candidates into the right role to fit them and they don’t put up just any job. Everything targets what you care about in a job, from what is a good fit to fitness to finances. The best 100k or more paying jobs are here. Ladders offer a tool to upload your resume for those higher-paying career moves. For everyone, check out Ladders job-search advice, free resume templates, an expert directory and salary search.


2. Indeed


If you need a job now, Indeed is a great place to start. They list jobs for every skill and pay level. Indeed has taken the place of older engines as the place to begin a solid search. 


3. LinkedIn


Not just a social networking site, Linked In has a whole jobs section. And the way most people get jobs is through connections. Under “Jobs” click in the city you want, the job field or title you’re searching and go. LinkedIn will list people you might know in that industry or at a company, and recruiters are active on the site. Check your profile to see who’s checking you out, and take a look at their company to see if it’s a match. 


4. Glassdoor


Known for anonymous company reviews, Glassdoor also offers a search engine for jobs and an app. You can check reviews to see if your dream job is still your dream, or if the CEO, management or salary are not quite meeting expectations.


5. Google for Jobs


The search giant generates more income from its travel site than Expedia, Priceline and all other travel sites combined. Now it’s taking on jobs. It compiles job searches from several engines into one massive database of its own. It’s a great place to broaden your search. 


6. Company Sites


Don’t forget the many parent companies of the places you might be searching for. They often list jobs on their own sites that they don’t post anywhere else.


7. ZipRecruiter


This site often has companies pay to advertise listings, for good reason other than ZipRecruiter’s bottom line. Jobs here often are looking for well-qualified candidates and are using only this and a few engines to week out the many applications they might get on larger engines.

Find the perfect job

If you’re in the hunt for a better paying job, The Ladders and ZipRecruiter are good bets. If you need work now, try Google for Jobs, LinkedIn, company boards, Indeed or Glassdoor. And as always, The Ladders has articles to help you prep every step of the way.

Here are three tips to help improve your job hunt: