How a career quiz can help you find your ideal job


If you’re in college, one of the most important questions to grapple with is that of deciding one’s major and career path. Such questions not only shape the direction of your college career but also things like where you’ll live and work after graduation.

And it’s not only college students who struggle with choosing a career path. Whether you’re a seasoned fifty-something or a young person aiming for an early career change, identifying your ideal career is essential to creating a satisfying life.

However, the available resources for exploring and identifying target careers can be meager. In colleges and universities, the career counseling office is often understaffed and overworked, with students waiting months for an appointment or follow-up. Employing a vocational counselor can cost hundreds of dollars, money that many working adults do not have when they are
juggling multiple jobs or struggling to take care of a family.

For such people, career quizzes and tests can be a lifesaver. Career tests are multiple-choice or true-false tests that measure a person’s aptitudes, talents, and skills and identify potential career paths that match those traits. Usually designed by trained psychologists and other human service professions, these tests can be as short as 10 questions long or take an hour or more to
complete. Through such tests, you can learn about your unique working style and find the perfect career for you.

If you’re looking to explore potential careers, here are a few of the most popular career quizzes and tests, which you can find online using Google:

Self-Directed Search (SDS), $9.95

This test helps you identify target careers using questions that uncover your unique personality type and working style. It narrows down your job potential to one of six professional aptitudes:

Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. After you answer a series of questions about your aspirations, activities, interests and so on, the SDS test will identify the top three out of six aptitude types which mosts fit you.

You will then be provided with a list of careers that are targeted to that specific aptitude profile.

My Next Move O-NET Interests Profile, FREE

The My Next Move test identifies major areas of career interest. Through this process, it isolates potential career paths that match these interests. If you want, you can search for potential careers by the amount of training or preparation you’ll need to enter them., FREE – $19.95 provides up to four distinct tests that measure your career personality, interests, skills, and values. Using this information, it identifies target careers that match your aptitudes. If you want, you can aggregate the different tests you take to help you find the perfect job.

MAPP Career Assessment Test, $89.95+ (FREE SAMPLE)

This career test is one of the most comprehensive career assessments currently available, perfect for experienced adults and others who are sure of their aptitudes and skills and want targeted career advice. Through extensive questions, it identifies a person’s unique skill set, including ideal tasks, strongest skills, and an examination of the range of a person’s reasoning,
interpersonal, language, and critical thinking abilities. Afterward, it suggests 20 potential career ideas that are targeted to the person’s identified skillset.

Career Strengths Test, FREE

The Career Strengths Test assesses a person’s level of mastery in a variety of skills, from inductive reasoning to structural visualization. Afterward, it pairs this assessment with a list of jobs which match your unique ability profile.