The 4 best plants to spark creativity in your workspace

Does your workspace feel plain, uninspired, or like it needs an update? We’ve all been there, and whether you’re working from home or in an office setting, it’s nice to bring in some natural necessities. Plants can be some of the best items to decorate your workspace with, as they provide oxygen and air-cleaning qualities that help reduce the number of sick days employees take, help to regulate humidity in the space, and are known to help reduce stress and fatigue as a result. They can be hung or put in an odd corner to save space, and there is a bevy of low maintenance options to choose from.

But what makes a plant truly special in your office setting is if it inspires creativity. According to a research study by Texas A&M, plants can actually increase work creativity – and therefore productivity – by about 15%. With so many plants to choose from and lighting, feeding, and nurturing needs, we went ahead and gathered a few of our low-maintenance favorites so you don’t have to put too much thought into it.

1. Pilea Peperomiodes

Pilea Peperomiodes plants are having a moment. Also known as the Chinese Money Plant for the lore that claims they attract good fortune for the owner, they are perfect little desktop friends that can easily live in smaller planters. The leaves are gorgeously shaped like little discs, which add a flair of mid-century modern, minimalistic-style taste to the room. It is known to grow quickly with the right amount of light and breeds tiny money plants often so it is a treasured plant to propagate and give to friends and coworkers.

2. Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you don’t know what a Fiddle Leaf Fig is, you’ve probably been hiding under a rock. This plant – with its giant, waxy leaves the ability to grow like a weed – is a proper starter plant for anyone who wants something that takes up space and makes a focal impact in the room. Utilized in many photography studios, it screams “indoor oasis” every time you glance at it. The best news? It’s actually easy to shape. Help it grow around a hoop if you want a statement piece in your office window.

3. Golden Pothos

The mother of all trailing plants, don’t let a moderately-sized option make you opt-out of this beauty at the store. It’s the perfect plant to create an almost instant sunshine-inspired indoor jungle oasis, especially if you’re hanging it or setting it on your desk or on top of an office cabinet. When golden pothos – or any pothos, really – are in a happy, lower light setting and receiving the right amount of water (every one to two weeks, depending on the time of year and amount of sun it is receiving), they grow like no one’s business. Be sure to trim yours close to the soil every so often so that it becomes bushier at the base, and allow any vines that develop to loop around your space and hang around your technology if you’d like.

Pro tip: When the yellow starts to overpower the leaf color, check for over or under-watering.

4. Lavender

Since lavender is known to help slow down your heart rate and regulate your stress and blood pressure levels, it’s only natural to realize that growing a small lavender plant in your workspace could be the aromatherapy solution of a lifetime. The added bonus is that it is a natural insect repellent, so could help keep bugs away from any other plants in your space. The creativity options with this one are actually pretty endless, too. The gorgeous purple flowers will add some color to space, and you get to control the size of your beauty by trimming it every so often to use for DIY soaps and recipes, scent sachets, and teas if you’d like.

Being able to take care of even a single plant in the workspace will make your coworkers think you have a green thumb, and give you something else to have a nurturing relationship with.

Now, hit the seasonal sales and green up your space.