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Office Life

Balancing fun and work during the dog days of summer

As we inch ever closer to Labor Day, there seems to be a slow-burn panic to have as much fun as possible while we still can. But is there a way?

Office Life

How digital nomads adjusted when going back to office life

How do they do it? Can it be done? Here, former digital nomads share how they readjusted to office life once they unpacked their bags … for good.

Personal Finance

These are the states with the highest 3-month cost of living

In the event that you were to lose your source of income, how much should you have saved to survive in your state? We found out the cost of living for you.


5 reasons Elon Musk really needs to get some rest

In a shockingly revealing New York Times interview with Elon Musk this week, the world learned how truly intense the CEO of three companies is as he talked about his 120-hour work week and using Ambien as a frequent sleep aid, alternating "between laughter and tears" to reporters taking notes.


Study: Women balance supporting their partners with demanding work better than men

Being present and supportive to your partner after a terrible, hard day at work is not easy for anyone, but a new study suggests that women may be better at stopping work demands from hurting their relationships with their partners.

Personal Finance

What to do when you hate your job (but need it)

When you hate your job but still need the money … you more or less have to “deal with it”. However, fortunately, you do have some options to help.

How To

Getting unstuck: The myth of work-life balance

The key to getting unstuck is self-care, even when that feels like your lowest priority and the last thing you have time for.


Exercising too much can be bad for your mental health

Logic would seem to be that the more you workout the more your mental health would be in shape (and maybe your biceps too.) However, that isn't necessarily how it works. 

Office Life

9 realistic work perks every employee would love

Happy staff is more likely to work harder and stay with your company, so it’s important to make sure you’re listening to what your employees want and responding appropriately


How a month of paternity leave turned me into a competent dad

At the end of my wife’s maternity leave, I would take over. For a whole month, I was going on paternity leave. And I was starting to question my decision.

Personal Finance

The cities in America with the highest (and lowest) income inequality

We don’t all make the same. There are areas of the country that are more equal than others. These are the 10 cities with the highest income inequality.

Work-Life Balance

22 things to do after work that’ll enrich your life more than happy hour and Netflix

Here’s a list of ideas to inspire you to break out of your post-workday routine.

Career Advice

4 best career advice lessons from departing PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi

Here are some of the best pieces of advice departing PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi has given on careers that we can apply to our lives.

Job Search

6 legit jobs that seem too good to be true

Who says working a 9-to-5 job has to be a drag? Turning your biggest passion or a fun pastime into a career can make you start loving your life during the week rather than merely living for the weekend. And you’d be surprised by how many pleasurable activities in life can be turned into professions. Here are six unique passions you can turn into a career — and how to do it.


Survey: 25% of employees think they have ‘excellent’ work-life balance

New research shows 25% of employees think they have "excellent" work-life balance and 26% "of business leaders" say work-life balance falls on the worker.


Study says people over 40 could excel in a three-day workweek

You're about to get really excited about turning the big 4-0. A new study finds that workers over 40 are more productive over a three-day period.

Personal Finance

New study finds parents are paying more than ever for childcare

Higher costs are only resulting in more families that can't pay for it.

The Whole Human

13 painful life lessons I’ve learned as a full-time writer

As painful as these life lessons have been, they have been invaluable towards my personal growth, and I hope the same for you too.


5 American towns that will pay you to move there

If you’re looking for a career, some fast cash and a solid place to live, check out one of these five midwestern towns that will pay you to move there.

Work-Life Balance

The people with the most free time live in these states

Feel like you have no free time? Perhaps you are living in the wrong state. Coleman Furniture conducted a survey of all 50 states to see which workers have the most free time and they came out with some rather interesting findings. 


New York workers may soon be guaranteed 12 weeks of bereavement leave

When a family member dies people can suffer unspeakable loss and need time to grieve. If they live in New York all workers may soon be guaranteed 12 weeks of bereavement leave if a new bill passes. 

Personal Finance

These maps show where Americans struggle to afford a home

Home-owning burdens are significantly more prevalent on the coasts as compared to the Midwest and the South, and in particular California and the Northeast.

Parental Leave

Time to become a dad: This company’s paid family leave benefits all caregivers

While caregiver roles are evolving at home, workplaces are implementing family leave changes to support the needs of all parents and caregivers equally.


People share their favorite #SignsYourVacationIsTooLong

Twitter users recently weighed in on the viral hashtag #SignsYourVacationIsTooLong, with work-related responses and ones about everything in between.


Survey: 1 in 3 families say childcare costs influence family planning

Too many of us are still unprepared for what it takes financially to balance a new family with our personal and professional lives, according to a survey.