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Other than salary, free time is the most important factor when it comes to job offers

Employers, listen up: Offering employees the right amount of leisure time is crucial, in more ways than one — especially when it comes to hiring.


And the award for worst commute goes to …

In New York City, which has the country's longest commute time, you can actually win a prize for your heroism braving your absolutely terrible commute.


Austin has become the first city in the South to mandate paid sick leave

Austin has become the first city in Texas to regulate sick leave — passing a law making paid sick leave a mandatory requirement for all non-government employees. They become not only the first city in Texas to pass this kind of law, but also the first city to do so in the Southern U.S.


The crazy reason this U.S. senator can’t take maternity leave

Tammy Duckworth is certainly not the first working woman to be a mother, but this year, she is set to become the first U.S. senator to give birth while in office. She recently discussed the upcoming challenge of caring for a newborn while needing to be physically present for votes.


How to balance your personal and professional life

Think about your future self and then do what you can right now to ensure you have the personal life to work-life balance you want later on.


86% of people say work jeopardizes their attempts to stay healthy

New research has found that a whopping 86% of people say that work gets in the way of their attempts to lead healthy lives. How people feel about their work-life balance also seems to be trending downward, with just 30% reporting that they’re “satisfied” with it, versus 45% saying the same thing three years prior.

Off Hours

Survey: Workers want to take more vacations but are bad at planning time off

As the year gets underway, many of us start to daydream at our desks about vacations we want to take. Although American workers had an average of 22.6 vacation days in 2016 —nearly a full day’s increase from the year prior — around 54% of workers left days unused.


Survey: 60% of tech moms say childcare options are ‘horrible’

To lure employees across sectors into its companies, Silicon Valley prizes itself on having the best perks and benefits. Despite that, over half of new moms who work in tech say that their childcare options are 'horrible.'


4 ways to add more meaning to your day, life & career

When your enthusiasm flags and every day feels as blah as the one that came before, how can you find ways to add meaning to your day, much less your life or career?

Remote Work

How to talk your employer into letting you work remotely

To get your boss to let you work remotely, follow this advice from remote employees who managed to do it themselves.


What can men do to support women in the workplace and at home?

For greater equality women have to support men as caretakers to the same degree that men support women in the workplace.

Gender at Work

Survey: Women entrepreneurs believe they have achieved work-life balance

2037 is going to be an amazing year, women entrepreneurs predict.


Watch out for this disturbing new trend in job interviews

It's the hot new thing in job interviews: Testing whether candidates are willing to sacrifice everything — their home lives, their families — for the company.


Starbucks barista rebels against making Unicorn Frappuccinos all day

We've all been in the eye of the storm at work, though it usually doesn't involve "blue fairy powder."