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Equal Pay Day

5 ways for women to help women rise up on Equal Pay Day

Nearly 20 years into the new millennium, women still aren’t getting paid equally. Women are held back by doubt, antiquated notions, and stereotypes — and sometimes each other. This Equal Pay Day, help another woman rise in the workplace.

Equal Pay Day

The surprising way ‘gendered’ jobs hurt both men & women

Fighting against workplace inequality is just a typical day at the office for most women and minorities. Recently it has dominated the news cycle due to the outrage over sexual misconduct, the #MeToo movement and the birth of the #TimesUp campaign in Hollywood. But is there a more subconscious, widespread culprit at play as well?

Equal Pay Day

Survey: 68% of women believe they are paid equally to men

New research from ahead of Equal Pay Day, on April 10, shows that 68% of women believe they are being paid the same amount of money as men at their company with a “similar” professional background.

Equal Pay Day

15 notable women on how to fight for equal pay

The wage gap is still very significant. Though it is easy to become disheartened women need to keep fighting for equal pay. Here are some notable women, and their wise words, who have spoken out about equal pay.

Equal Pay Day

Sallie Krawcheck: ‘Nobody ever got fired for asking for a raise’

Ahead of Equal Pay Day tomorrow, the Ellevest CEO says that this is how women can have the confidence to go in and ask for more.

Equal Pay Day

3 ways the gender pay gap still hurts women

Women face financial penalties at work and at home that follow them throughout their career, creating cycles of being underpaid.


Here’s how to make the salary expectations question work for you

This is how to handle the salary expectations question around during the job interview process. These tips will help you get the highest salary by negotiating successfully.


6 work opportunities that can surprisingly hurt your career

Maintaining a forward path is easier if you’re able to recognize opportunities that, despite some advantages, are ultimately a step backward in your career.


These are the best and worst states for personal income growth

How did your state do?


Survey: Salary is more taboo than sex, marriage woes and STDs

We are more willing to bring up our messy marriages, conniving coworkers, and declining health before we bring up salaries with our closest friends.

How To

5 classic faux pas to avoid when asking for a promotion

Always do your research.


10 ways to reward your staff without giving a raise

If you have an employee who is doing a sterling job and you’d like to thank them in some way, but are lacking the resources to offer a pay-rise, then worry not as there are many other ways you can reward them.


These are the 20 jobs in America with the biggest influx of women

According to Pew Research, women now make up 47% of the U.S. labor force. This is up from 30% in 1950. In other words, more women are working than ever before. For each of these jobs, more than half the workers are women.

Personal Finance

5 simple ways to spring clean your finances

Spring has sprung! The weather has become warmer, the days are longer and everything seems fresh and new.  It’s now the perfect time to have that much-needed sort out, not just of your home, but your finances too.


If you live in one of these cities, you’re probably happy with your salary

Did your city make the cut?


These are the cities where you will spend your money the fastest

Do you live in one of the world's most expensive cities? If not, it's something to consider if you are looking to relocate, work abroad or just take a vacation.


These are the top jobs in America right now

Do you have one?


Female doctors are seeing an average pay gap of over $100,000

Out of 50 metropolitan areas of the country this is where female doctors see the biggest pay gap.

Job Search

Resume tips for high-level positions in IT, finance and marketing

There are critical profession-specific considerations to keep in mind, depending on your specialty. Here are the top three executive resume types to give you a picture of how you should differentiate yourself accordingly.


This is the city where the happiest people in America live

You may be surprised at what makes people happy.


Better than money: The Top 10 things we look for in a new job

When it comes to finding the perfect new job, new research suggests it’s not all about the money. There's so much more to happiness at work. Here's what to look out for.


The best and worst states for working women: North tops South

In honor of International Women's Day on March 8 and Women's History Month, WalletHub released its report on 2018’s Best & Worst States for Women and you may be surprised which states were friendlier to women than others.


Millions of views on YouTube won’t even earn you enough to make rent

If you're starting a YouTube channel, don't expect to get rich quickly, or at all. 


If you behaved like this in high school, there is a good chance you have a high salary

Basically, if you were a responsible, good student, with an interest in academics, your future turned out just fine no matter what your IQ or socioeconomic status.


Almost 1/3 of millennials say they would dump their partner for a $37,000 raise

When financial services company Comet surveyed 364 single working millennials without children, they found that millennials were willing to sacrifice a romantic relationship for the right price.