These are the 15 highest-paying psychology jobs

Psychology is a lucrative industry for job seekers: Industrial psychologists earn an average of $92,880, and psychiatrists earn more than twice that. This field of work is also highly versatile, with job opportunities ranging from aviation psychologists to consumer psychologists to military psychologists.

Think this industry is a good fit for you? Take a look at the 15 highest-paying psychology jobs

1. Psychiatrist 

Average salary: $214,380

Psychiatrists work with patients to diagnose and treat mental illnesses. To be a psychiatrist, you need over 10 years of education and training — including a medical degree. The average salary of this job is $214,380.

2. Industrial-organizational psychologist

Average salary: $96,270

Industrial-organizational psychologists study the behavior of employees in the workplace. These psychologists tell companies how to best help their employees to be more efficient and productive.

3. Neuropsychologist 

Average salary: $94,550

Neuropsychologists are psychologists who handle neurobehavioral disorders and brain disorders. They study cognitive functions and the connection between the brain and behavior. Neuropsychologists need a Ph.D. and internship hours.

4. Engineering psychologist

Average salary: $90,340

An engineering psychologist uses psychology to make products or workplaces safer and more efficient by analyzing and reducing risks. For example, this type of psychologist might examine the history of workplace accidents at a company and propose ways to prevent those accidents from happening again.

5. Psychology teacher

Average salary: $85,050

Psychology teachers work with high school or college students to teach classes on various topics related to psychology. These teachers need at least a bachelor’s degree and may also be required to obtain a master’s degree in education or psychology.

6. Health psychologist

Average salary: $81,630

Health psychologists study the social and psychological factors that affect our health and illness. Some health psychologists work in a clinical setting to directly help patients learn strategies to improve their health.

7. Experimental psychologist

Average salary: $81,350

Experimental psychologists examine what influences our behavior and why we behave the way we do. This type of psychology focuses on extremely in-depth research, with psychologists collecting data and publishing their findings.  

8. Forensic psychologist

Average salary: $72,370

Forensic psychologists use their knowledge and skills in criminal cases. This career combines law and psychology. Forensic psychologists research cases, assess suspects, and provide testimony in court.

9. Sports psychologist

Average salary: $72,260

For anyone who loves athletics and psychology, a job as a sports psychologist might be a great fit. In this position, you’ll learn about how psychology affects athletic performance and then apply that knowledge to helping athletes and teams succeed. 

10. Developmental psychologist

Average salary: $67,990

Developmental psychologists are experts in human development and growth. Some developmental psychologists work with children who are developmentally delayed. Others might focus on the senior adult population.

11. School psychologist

Average salary: $63,050

School psychologists support students and their families, as well as teachers and other educational staff. These psychologists need at least a master’s degree and often a doctoral degree. They help schools improve student behavior and achievement.

12. School counselor

Average salary: $58,120

School counselors’ similar job description is similar to that of school psychologists, but it takes less education to get there: Most school counselors only need a master’s degree, not a doctorate. They primarily work to improve students’ mental health.

13. Social worker

Average salary: $51,760

Social workers support people who need help. There are several different types of social workers — you could work with patients in a hospital, with children in foster care, or with military families, for example.

14. Marriage and family therapists

Average salary: $51,340

Help marriages and families stay healthy by becoming a marriage and family therapist. These therapists are able to diagnose and treat relevant mental and emotional disorders. MFTs need a master’s degree.

15. Substance abuse counselors

Average salary: $47,660

This type of counselor works with patients who struggle with addiction. Unlike psychiatrists, substance abuse counselors cannot prescribe medication or provide medical therapy. They act as a mentor to patients who need the support.

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