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This is how gender equality is changing dating

At present, the desire for a young, attractive partner of the opposite sex tends to be more prevalent in men than in women. Women, meanwhile, are more likely to prioritize money and status over youth and beauty. Is this a permanent condition?


A woman allegedly used company money to buy her pug a tuxedo. She got fired

If the thought has ever crossed your mind to sneak an extra few things onto your expense sheet, or use the company credit card for personal items — just this once — let this be a lesson to you.

Is Relocation Right for You?

Use local resources to decide if a long-distance move will fit your lifestyle.

Why Employers Use Executive Recruiters

One employer explains why he retains recruiters to find candidates.

Does Your Cluttered Desk Influence Your Productivity?

Don't let a disorganized workspace lower your productivity.

Ladders’ Top 200 Recruiters: Q2 2016

Ladders reveals its most influential recruiters of Q2 2016.

Ladders’ Top 200 Recruiters: Q1 2016

Ladders reveals its most influential recruiters of Q1 2016.

Become the Most Productive Person at Work

Increase work productivity and get noticed for executing tasks efficiently.

In Defense of Summer Fridays in a 24/7 Work World

Share the love this summer by incorporating one of the hottest incentives into your business plan.

4 #NYFW trends you can wear at the workplace

Runway models shouldn't have all the fun!

10 Tips on How to Break down Manager-Employee Barriers

How to better connect and communicate with your employees.

The top interviewing tricks of successful job seekers

Set yourself apart from the competition with these top job-interview tips.

Work-from-home Tips That Will Actually Make You More Productive

Get more done at home and watch your work prosper with this advice.

Mind your manners: Interview etiquette for a mealtime meeting

Ace any interview in a restaurant setting by practicing proper decorum.

Can You Afford to Relocate?

Cost of living is key to consider when you are contemplating making a move.

Where the grass really is greener in the job search

Increase your job-search success with two data-backed solutions.

Not a time to vent: How to resign gracefully

Congratulations on landing the job offer you wanted!

I cannot tell a lie… or a good one, anyway

We asked recruiters using Ladders "what was the worst lie you have ever heard during an interview".

The recruiter-candidate relationship. It’s complicated.

As a candidate, you've got one thing you can't control stacked against you.

Get read: How cover letters market your resume

There’s no denying that a powerful, customized cover letter is a key piece of any job search.

Your Flaky Job History Doesn’t Necessarily Determine Your Future Job Loyalty

Results of a recent study could change how recruiters look at your rocky employment past.

Top Personality Tests Used in Hiring

The most common psychological exams used by HR managers to review job applications.

Resign with Class

The last impression can be more important than the first impression.

How to Work with Executive Recruiters

A step-by-step guide on how job seekers can work effectively with executive recruiters.

Data Storage Salesman Follows Two Tracks Across the Pacific

To pursue opportunities in the United States and Japan, Mark Suzuki needed two sets of tools.