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How to Gain an Instant Advantage on the Job Search

There’s no time to lose when distinguishing yourself from the competition.

Make Them Want You

Ways to show a company your value and compel them to bring you onboard As I coach clients across the country, I’m always impressed by their caliber of accomplishments.

Lessons in Finding Your Passion and Your Purpose

Lessons on finding your passion from charity, the classroom and the board room can put your job search on a different track.

Five Steps to a Squeaky-Clean Online Identity

Five steps to managing your online identity and ensuring that when someone Googles you, they see the personal brand you build.

Give a Speech, Get a Job

How giving speeches can propel your job search.

Dress Code Timeline: The Demise of Your Professional Style

A timeline outlining how executives dress code attire gets sloppy with time.

Style Day to Night — No Wardrobe Switch Required

Three ways to transform your office look into appropriate evening attire.

Take 10 years off your image

Suggestions on how take 10 years off your image and be perceived as more youthful in the office.

How to Rise Above the Competition

Tactics for executive job seekers on how to rise above the nation’s growing talent pool.

Marketing Pro Remakes His Image

Marketing executive details his job search and offers tips to other marketers looking for work.

Tell a Story Interviewers Can’t Forget

Fill your resume, interviews and meetings with memorable details about you and the problems you have solved.

Checklist: Clean Up Your Web Trail

How to find where your personal information is located online.

Top 5 Web Sites to Update Your Look

Use this list of Web sites to purchase an interview-appropriate, professional wardrobe.

A Little Help from Your Friend (Requests)

Steps to begin using social networks in your job search.

An Image Makeover — A New Shot at Success

An Image Makeover — A New Shot at Success Sometimes it takes more than just a little self-knowledge and chutzpah to get what you want.

Blogging Can Help or Hurt Your Job Search

One small, negative step can sink a job search.

5 Ways for Branding Yourself Online… Fast

Here are 5 free resources that you can use to establish or extend your online brand quickly and economically.

Your Personal Brand: A Career Advancement Must Have

Your Personal Brand: A Career Advancement Must Have Consider this scene from the recently released Kevin Spacey movie, "21": In an interview for a prestigious scholarship, the main character, Ben, tells his interviewer, Professor Phillips, that money is the only thing between him and fulfilling his long-held dream of attending Harvard Medical School.

Feet on the Street

Market yourself outside your 'box.

Intersection of the “Ilities”

These traits will ensure that you get noticed by hiring managers and executive recruiters.

5 Ways to Reprogram Your Job Search

It's not your job search, it's how you're approaching it.

Personal Branding for Success in a Tight Job Market

What do you do well and how much better do you do it?

Electrify Your Personal Brand

Jane Harding, a top medical pharmaceutical sales representative, says that investing more in her personal brand could have gotten her hired faster.

The Brand Called You

Be real, be memorable.

Build Your Personal Brand the NASCAR Way

Lessons in personal branding and marketing from NASCAR.