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Your ability to focus has probably peaked: Here’s how to stay sharp

Removing distraction is important to maintain our focus, but we also need to boost our capability to concentrate on one task at a time.


The sound of people chewing can actually stop you from getting work done

If the sound of people chewing gum in your office drives you crazy, there's a medical term for your frustration — misophonia, also known as selective sound sensitivity syndrome.


When distraction is a good thing

Digital distractions — social media, video games, puzzles, television shows, podcasts, and sports — can build strength, skills, knowledge, and self-efficacy or serve as temporary escape from an uncomfortable reality. Figuring out which it is can help you be more productive.

Office Life

5 reasons why your boss should be let go from the company

Horrible bosses can make every day at work a nightmare — here are five reasons why your boss should be let go from the company.


Research: Idle time at work is costing U.S. businesses up to $100 billion a year

When managers and employees decide to keep themselves busy for the sake of appearance, it's not just wasting a company's time, it's wasting their money too. A new study from Harvard Business School has calculated that idle time can cost employers an estimated $100 billion in wages per year.


How to regain focus at work by slaying the messaging monster

Tips and tricks for increasing your productivity by decreasing your messaging obsession.

Office Life

The time you’re wasting on YouTube can be good for your employer

No, you can't assume that watching videos unrelated to work is a productivity killer that drains your employer's money. It's often a good thing.


Six easy tricks that will make you way more productive

These six productivity hacks will teach you how to work smarter, not harder.

The Whole Human

9 signs you’re a highly sensitive person

Sensitive people experience sounds, feelings, and even the presence of other people much more intensely than the average person.


7 secrets that will make you build good habits

Building good habits can be hard. Here are the top seven most effective secrets to sustaining successful habits.

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What to do when coworkers start yelling in the office

Don't yell back.

office life

Survey: A third of tech workers have a coworker who makes them want to quit

Do you?

Technology at Work

Look at this downtrodden robot and rejoice at your human superiority (for now)

One small step for a robot leads to a watery grave.

Technology at Work

Ridiculous Darth Vader helmet helps you tune out noise at work

Get work done while looking like Darth Vader.

Off Hours

The surprising things Americans do when they get home from work

Watching TV with no human interaction is probably not the America we want to be.

Animals at Work

Workplaces should invite dogs in every day

Oh happy day!

Work Fashion

French bus drivers wear skirts to protest prohibition on shorts

As temperatures climbed to 100 degrees Fahrenheit in a nationwide heatwave, bus drivers in the city of Nantes, France, asked for some slack in their dress code.


Savvy 9-year-old boy becomes chief financial officer for a day at KIND

This kid is going places.


What’s the Best Advice You Ever Got From Your Dad?

Here are some lovably wacky ideas.

Animals at Work

This airport dog got the best retirement party

A good career deserves a good retirement party.

Animals at Work

Ambitious dog wins spot on several academic journals

This pup has a nose to sniff out scams.

Office Romance

This Swedish town rejected the idea of an hour-long ‘weekly sex break’

You'll just have to wait until you get home.

Animals at Work

Working dogs are the stars of 2017 commencement season

They are very good dogs.


3 ways to stay focused at work when all you want to do is enjoy summer weather

The sunlight is calling you. You don't have to resist.


Tiny airport ‘therapy horses’ should revolutionize business travel

Business travel can be stressful, but it may get a lot better if many airports follow the lead of the visionaries running the Cincinnati airport.