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Survey: 34% of employers reprimanded or fired someone over online content

Recent data from CareerBuilder shows that 34% of companies saw something online that made them "reprimand or fire an employee."

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‘Just do it!’ Finding motivation at your lowest point

Whether it’s achieving a target at work, losing a certain amount of weight, or saving money for your dream purchase; finding motivation can be incredibly difficult at the most important times. Although many challenges come with a physical battle, conquering a lack of motivation and overcoming personal hurdles undoubtedly begins within our own minds.


New Facebook and Instagram tools seek to curb your social media addiction

Two of the biggest social networks that contribute to time sucks are offering up services to help you wean yourself off of them.

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Stop lying to yourself. The truth will change your life

If you’ve never truly given things your best effort, then stop lying to yourself and saying that you “gave it your best shot.”


Why smart people never bring smartphones into meetings

You are annoying your boss and colleagues any time you take your smartphone out during meetings — and women and people over 40 they're even more perturbed.


France is banning smartphones in schools. Should employers follow?

Children in France will now have to leave their smartphones behind when they go to class. Is this a "public health message" more employers should follow?

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Is it OK to exhibit your superstitions in the workplace?

So, is it okay to exhibit superstitions all the time at work? According to an expert on, it depends on how heavily you rely on them.


How to interrupt a coworker the polite way

Try these out next time you get Kanye'd and need to interrupt. You will be using your voice to make an impact, and also show that you won’t be silenced.

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The active mindset: A sure way to avoid being bored with life

“I’m bored.” When’s the last time you said that? I bet not too long ago. If you give me 4 minutes, I’ll tell you why that’s a bad sign.

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Survey: Workers reveal their biggest complaints about meetings

66% of office workers say a meeting that "starts or ends late" is their biggest complaint about meetings and 25% feel their "time in meetings is wasted."

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Why your mind likes to ask lazy questions

Your brain is lazy by default. It likes to ask suboptimal questions — your mind wants an easy answer, not to uncover breakthrough solutions.


4 strategies to help make the most of your time

The truth is, time wasted is time you can never get back. But making the most of your time can be challenging. Here are four strategies that will help.


Type delete type: What writers do (or ‘Why I’m editing my life’)

What better way to spend a life than in pursuit of the true, the good, and the beautiful? That’s how I’m trying to spend mine, anyway.

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Why gossip is so seductive (and how to avoid it)

Gossip is like the junk food of communication. We know that it is bad and unhealthy, but yet it’s hard to resist its draw.

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Study: Women more likely to be asked and to do office housework

If there is a thankless task or housework that needs to be done at the office, it's likely that a woman is the one to answer the call.


How your partner’s career suffers when you receive rude emails

Getting a rude email at work is not just going to ruin your day — it's also going to ruin your partner's day (and work) later on.


The one thing you didn’t know about your to-do list

Have you ever noticed that some tasks on your to-do list get crossed off right away while other tasks tend to stay on the list no matter how hard you try?


Read this if you’re going through adversity

After going through a lot of adversity (personally and professionally) myself, I’ve learned a few things about staying motivated.


Survey: 44% of CFOs say employee social media use is biggest time-wasting worry

44% of CFOs surveyed say that employers are most worried about "wasting time at work" when it comes to workers being on social media.


7 tactics to help you keep engaged at work in the heat

It can be really difficult to motivate yourself to tackle a mountain of emails when your get up and go, has got up and gone – to a beach, with a sangria in one hand and an ice-lolly in the other.

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Accelerate your learning curve with these 5 practical tips

I firmly believe there’s a difference in the way we learn. You can spend 10,000 hours doing something and learn nothing.

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What do you do when someone at work is annoying you?

An annoying officemate can quickly escalate from a minor inconvenience to the bane of your existence, causing you to dread going to work.

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The most cringe-worthy, team-building exercise that I ever participated in

“Fabio is at the door.” ... This team-building exercise, which happened over 20 years ago, is legendary in its awfulness.

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5 choices that damage your professional reputation

Choices regarding your career influence your perceived character, your trajectory, and your future pursuits. Like it or not — the world is watching.


5 ways to focus during the dog days of summer

It is important to find ways to stay focused, organized and on-task, even during summer when the sun beaming outside your office window is tempting.