Survey: Workers in these industries are least likely to have smiling LinkedIn profile photos

Research has found that Americans are the smiliest people on LinkedIn, but recent data from JDP shows that workers in these six industries are the least likely to have LinkedIn profile photos where they’re smiling: Computer Science, Retail, Advertising, IT, Marketing and PR.

Overall, 76% of people surveyed had a “full smile” (more women had these), 12% had “no smile” (more men had these), and 12% had a “tight-lipped smile” (more men).

JDP took a look at 2,000 LinkedIn profiles from active users in 11 different fields.

How workers in different fields look on LinkedIn

Workers in these industries have the “most full smiles:” HR, Healthcare, Wellness, Recruiting, Fitness and Health. But workers in these industries have the “most tight-lipped smiles” in their photos: Computer Science, Advertising, Retail, IT, Marketing and PR.

While 43% of users had “professionally shot” photos, just 6% had “black & white” ones.

JDP also gave the industries letter grades, with Real Estate coming out on top with an “A,” and Retail and Government both coming in the last two places, each with an “F.”

The company also classified the photos according to what the employees were wearing: 42% were business casual, 26% were social, 24% were formal and 8% were casual, and gave clothing examples within each category.

How different LinkedIn pictures were ranked

JDP gave out “combined score averages” for photos of people in each field. While the highest possible score was 15, the company noted that the criteria were “framing, lighting and resolution, each category worth 1-5 points.”

Here’s how they stacked up:

  • Marketing, Advertising, PR: 11.8
  • Real Estate: 10.6
  • HR, Recruiting: 10.3
  • Finance, Banking: 8.9
  • IT, Computer Science: 8.9
  • Sales, Business Development: 8.7
  • Education: 8.7
  • Retail: 8.1
  • Health, Wellness, Fitness: 7.6
  • Healthcare: 6.5
  • Government: 6.4

How workers ruin their LinkedIn profile pictures

People in these fields had the “most car selfies:” Computer Science, Wellness, Retail, Health, Fitness and IT. But workers in these had the “most photos of printed photos:” Banking, Computer Science, Government, Finance and IT.

People in these fields have the “most photos that don’t fill the frame:” Business Development, Recruiting, Retail, HR and Sales.

But while nine percent of the profile pictures were “selfies,” 15% were ones where they were “cropped from group.”

LinkedIn profiles with the most non-photos, by field

Check it out:

  • Healthcare: 36%
  • Government: 32%
  • Health, Wellness, Fitness: 25%
  • Finance, Banking: 20%
  • Sales, Business Development: 19%
  • Education: 16%
  • IT, Computer Science: 15%
  • Retail: 15%
  • HR, Recruiting: 8%
  • Real Estate: 5%
  • Marketing, Advertising, PR: 3%