So not Gucci: If you use these slang words at work, you are hurting your career

According to a new study conducted by international research firm, Onepoll, the slang you use around the office has a substantial influence on how well you are received.

How many Americans are in the know?

The researchers at Onepoll surveyed 2,000 Americans to determine the age and particular phrases that turn your colleagues off the most.

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If one in four of the Americans questioned are to be believed, if you’re over the age of 25 you shouldn’t be using slang at all, while 55% of those surveyed said that slang words are totally unacceptable in an office setting irrespective of your age- particularly the use of “LOL” in work emails to a higher up.

For a little perspective on the demographic observed for the study, it should be noted that a good majority of the respondents were found to be generally out of touch with modern lingo.

More than 1,000 of the 2,000 interviewed had no idea what the term “ghosting” meant, and 55% didn’t realize being “on fleek” was a compliment. One respondent incorrectly defined fleek as the act of spitting on someone, explaining with an erroneous example, “You better watch it or I’m gonna fleek all over you.”    Additionally, 37% were unfamiliar with the phrase “spill the tea.”

The survey determined that these terms baffled average Americans the most

  1. 1Stussy
  2. Trill
  3. TFW
  4. Totes
  5. Peeped
  6. Spill tea
  7. Snack
  8. Gucci
  9. Fire
  10. Woke

Which terms are the most “annoying”?

Interestingly enough, of those that expressed a more charitable view of slang, a good many could care less about how correctly they used them. Forty-six percent of respondents confessed to using slang without knowledge of its definition, despite the fact that one out of two surveyed believed it to be a bad idea to use slang that you didn’t know the meaning of.

Bae, thirsty, lit and turnt proved to be some of the most ubiquitous terms, though common knowledge does not, as a rule, suggest social acceptance.

Over 50% of the Americans surveyed all deemed slang usage to be annoying. Below are the 20 things that drove people the craziest.

  1. GOAT
  2. Bae
  3. Hangry
  4. Gucci
  5. Ghost
  6. Fleek
  7. Stussy
  8. TFW
  9. Throw shade
  10. SMH
  11. Totes
  12. Clap back
  13. Turn up/turnt
  14. Peeped
  15. Thirsty
  16. Lit
  17. Spill the tea/sipping tea
  18. Fam
  19. Snack
  20. Trill

Though the majority of the individuals queried in OnePoll’s survey express a negative view of the use of slang terms, one middle-aged respondent in particular, believes we shouldn’t be too quick to dismiss additions to modern dialect.

He explains, “We all have our experiences based upon our reality. Everybody’s creative, that’s what comes out, it’s just being creative.”

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