The professions where you’re most likely to meet your spouse (and get divorced)

Those who find themselves ‘alone’ on Valentine’s Day may find some comfort in the fact that the average age of marriage has increased five years since 1990. A recent study confirms that in 2018 women can now expect to marry at 28, while men will tie the knot at 30.

While this may give you more time to find that special someone, chances are most of that time will be designated to the office. According to data from the United States Census, you’ll spend one-third of your life at work.

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And, while 27% of survey respondents say they look for love in the workplace, only 15% meet their future spouses on the job. If finding your forever partner is a top priority, a radical career change may be in order.

These are the professions in which you’re most likely to find a mate:

  • 27% Agricultural workers
  • 25% Physicians and surgeons
  • 21% Casino workers
  • 17% Lawyers
  • 17% Postsecondary teachers

For those who’d rather avoid agricultural pursuits, fear not. While this data catalogs where you’re likely to find a marriage partner, it’s not indicative of how long the marriage will last.

Casino workers, for example, boast a 21% industry marriage rating average but casino managers rank the highest for divorce rates at a staggering 52.9%. Bartenders, flight attendants, switchboard operators, and massage therapists fall closely behind.

Some say money can’t buy happiness, but the divorce rates for Actuaries say otherwise at a low of 17%. Other low ranking industries seem to be dominated by the sciences. Software developers and chemical engineers have divorce rates of 20.3% and 21.1%, respectively.

These are the cities that report the highest dating satisfaction:

While these career paths may be telling, they’re not the only variables to consider in optimizing your chances of finding a potential partner. If a career change isn’t an option, it could be time for a change of address.

According to this 2019 study, Austin, Texas is the top city for dating with 39.8% of singles reporting satisfaction with their dating opportunities. Charlotte, San Francisco, and Minneapolis also reported all-time highs.

If finding love is your main agenda, Eastern cities are the ones to avoid. Palm Bay, FL comes in with the lowest satisfaction rating of 10.7%. New Haven, CT, and Providence, RI also lag behind.

The Millennial dating pool is strongest in Charlotte, Minneapolis, and Austin. Of these, women report feeling the highest dating satisfaction in Austin while Charlotte is the decided winner for men. Millennials should steer clear of Riverside and Sacramento, the lowest on the dating satisfaction scale.

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