Become the Most Productive Person at Work

Increase work productivity and get noticed for executing tasks efficiently.

Everyone assumes that being more productive means working more in less time. In essence, this is true. Those who efficiently manage their projects definitely tend to accomplish more than other people do in years.

However, productivity is more of a way of being rather than office hacks. Get into rhythm with these career tips and advice.

Take some downtime

You’re probably going through your emails within the first ten minutes of your workday. This puts you in a reactive mindset rather than a proactive one. Instead of taking control of your agenda, you’re allowing your inbox to do it for you.

Start the day off managing your time proactively. Get up 20 minutes before you normally would to send important emails before entering the office. Devise a to-do list beforehand so you can direct your full attention towards the tasks to come.

Prioritize your work

You probably have a mountain of work for the week, never mind each day. Although it sounds counterintuitive, minimize stress by organizing assignments regularly.

Start off with the tasks that take the most willpower and focus. Grunt work and the more enjoyable responsibilities should be set off for the end of the day. Just like a track star, it’s important to pace yourself and finish off strong.

If you are a bit of a slacker, try using Carrot. Unlike general to-do apps, Carrot is a gamified task manager with a sassy personality. She’ll reward you for completing tasks and reprimand you in moments of laziness.

Block out potential distractions

Reduce the number of frivolous meetings.

According to the DailyMuse, office workers get distracted every 11 minutes. Constant emails, text message notifications, and chatty neighbors can constantly get in the way of staying focused. Grabbing a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and playing ambient music can improve your focus by 35 percent.

Your co-workers are not going to be put off if you shut the door to your office a few times. When you have important projects to work on, close yourself off from office noise. Speaking of chatty neighbors, hold off the personal conversations to happy-hour after work!

Regulate weekly meetings

We all know that one worker who loves to arrange a number of meetings throughout the week, but with no clear objective or cause. Most workers attribute most of the time they waste in the office is with these conferences.

The best way to manage your time more efficiently is to avoid these frivolous arrangements. First, it is important to determine if your presence is absolutely necessary. If not, tentatively decline invitations for these kinds of meetings. Another option is to provide an alternative method of communication or resolution. If all else fails, suggest an objective list for the meeting and provide constructive feedback.

Stay in for lunch

Lunch break can take a lot longer than planned due to the sheer volume of workers going out for a bite to eat. Rather than stepping out for lunch, pack your lunch instead. Not only does this give you full control of what you eat, but you can also pick foods that are great fuel for your brain. These include fish, nuts, and whole grains.

Choosing to stay in the office during your precious leisure time does not mean you have to be slouched over your computer screen. In fact, you should take this time to rest and regroup. Even if it is for 15 to 20 minutes, a moment of relaxation can help you in the long run.

Posture is everything

We spend most of our days sitting at the office. An unhealthy posture can negatively affect your spine and cardiovascular health. While you may think that exercising after work would make up for the hours hunched over your desk, this does not fully compensate for your health.

Contrary to popular belief, sitting totally upright may cause stress on your vertebrae. Instead, find an ergonomic chair that has back support. Alternatively, an active seat will force your body to work even as you are sitting. This can improve your core strength and burn calories. A standing desk can keep you fresh since your body fares the best if you change positions frequently.

Take regular productivity breaks

Summer’s sweltering heat and post-lunch fatigue are key players in afternoon lethargy. Take your focus off of work and look around. Listen to your surroundings and take a timeout. It’s important to be mindful of your environment and momentarily stop reacting to external stimuli.

Make sure to stand up and walk around every hour to get the blood pumping. Since you are sitting down for the majority of the day, it is important to rotate your shoulders and stretch your muscles. Circulation will make your mind stay sharp and improve brain function.

Eat chocolate

Morning coffee gets the mind going, but what about later in the day? After lunch you may be suffering from food coma and feel sluggish. Eating a piece of dark chocolate will activate your brain and make you sharp.

This confection has a small amount of caffeine. It also contains magnesium which stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonin.