In Defense of Summer Fridays in a 24/7 Work World

Share the love this summer by incorporating one of the hottest incentives into your business plan.

I like to believe I’m as hard-working as the next guy or girl. Being full time at WeWork, deputy editor of and holding a Travel+SocialGood board position is no cakewalk. Honestly, it’s a lot to juggle most days. But there’s something about the summer that I’ll always hold near and dear.

It’s not just the tropical drinks and endless sunshine that attract us to summer, but the work incentives that coincide with the warm season. By the end of the week, I’m ready for a Summer Friday. And I will always be a proponent—not just because I grew up five steps away from the beach, but for what it adds to a company’s morale.

Summer Fridays come in different forms at different companies. I’ve personally had half days offered throughout the summer and full days to use at my convenience between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Regardless of the execution, Summer Fridays should be on your company’s calendar for two simple reasons:

We’re 24/7 anyway

Signing off completely isn’t realistic Saturday and Sunday, so why would it be on Friday? Just because we’re not in the office doesn’t mean we’re unreachable. Actually it’s quite the opposite, with the unspoken understanding that emails will be checked, phone calls answered and text messages responded to regardless of the day of the week. So why not allow your employees to hit the beach early on Fridays if they’ve completed their work for the week?

It’s a small gesture of appreciation with a big return

Companies that offer little perks— like dinner on late Monday nights or free beer in the kitchen (both of which I enjoy at WeWork )— have happier employees. We’re motivated to put in the extra hours and effort when we work in a positive environment. Letting your team leave early on Fridays goes a long way in making your employees feel appreciated.

Incorporating Summer Fridays into your business model will have your employees feeling their best on Monday morning. The better your employees feel, the better they will perform. Extra serotonin is good for everybody from interns to CEOs. Just don’t forget to add sunscreen!