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The Challenges of Right-Brained Job Seekers

Being creative is a huge asset in a job search – but being unable to ask for help can weaken it.

VP of Retail Operations Works Both Sides of Network

Elaine Clarke was generous about sharing leads, and her good networking deeds ultimately helped her to help herself.

How to Protect Your Resume from Identity Theft

Get the job without exposing your personal data.

When to Take (Or Ignore) Resume Advice From Friends

Everybody’s a critic, but not all criticism is useful in your job search.

Resume Insecurity

Resumes are a treasure trove of personal information.

Who’s Losing Data?

The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse keeps tabs on data breaches and provides some examples of how personal data gets into the hands of bad guys.

Career Change 101: Resistance is Futile

How do you navigate the 'permanent whitewater' of career change?

Where Companies Leak

Another casualty of the recession is data security, as a growing number of departing employees walk off with their former employers’ data.

How to Work For a Newly Promoted Friend

In a tight economy, your boss may be out the door.

Construction Veteran Breaks Resume Rules

To do justice to Tom Emil’s construction career, resume writer Dan Dorotik had to commit a few resume crimes.

Owner/Entrepreneur Remakes Engineering Resume

After starting his own manufacturing business, OpsLadder member Scott Hammac needed a resume that could transfer to the corporate world.

Which Resume Formats Can You Use?

The software that HR departments use to process your resume does not jive with all file types.

Accelerate Your Job Search in the Summer Slowdown

Summer is upon us!

What If Companies Treated Job Applicants Like Customers?

Customer-management software has the potential to change the way companies treat job candidates, keeping them informed and engaged at each step in the process.

Be Real Before Being Virtual

Before you promote your personal brand on the Web, do some strategizing about what you want that brand to represent.

Acing a Job Interview After Age 50

You're certainly qualified, but resting on your laurels won't cut it in an interview.

You Submitted a Job Application. What Next?

After you press Submit on Ladders site, your resume is on its way, but you’re not done yet.

Take a Vacation to Secure Your Job

Why vacations drive better business results.

Three Hiring Metrics Recruiters Check First

Author David Snyder explains the metrics and equations recruiters and hiring managers apply to every job candidate and hiring decision.

Five Steps to Volunteer Your Way to a Job

If you’re not sure where to start, follow this guide to landing a volunteer position as a part of your job-search strategy.

Volunteering Opportunities Pay Off

Can working a job without a paycheck set you up for big bucks?

After a 30-Year Career, CFO Scales Back

Cincinnati CFO John Renner wanted to ease up a bit in his next position.

Resume Helps Contractor Become Full-time Employee

Certified professional resume writer minimizes project-based work and highlights stability and accolades in order to help contractor find full-time work.

The Challenges of Left-Brained Job Seekers

The job search is tough for everyone, but left-brained candidates have a big mountain to climb.

5 Networking Lessons I Wish I Learned in High School

My high school reunion was the other week, and one thing surprised me.