Optimize Your Job Search for the New Age in Recruiting

Prepare yourself to connect with recruiters while they’re on the go.


At Ladders, we’re committed to matching the right person with the right job — online and on the go. As our CEO Alex Douzet mentioned in a recent interview with Mashable, our vision is to provide a network for career and candidate exploration and interaction that’s 100% mobile. That’s why we’ve created apps like Job Search by Ladders for busy professionals like you.

We also encourage the talent acquisition communities to mobilize their recruitment strategies to better suit your needs as a job seeker. This can be anything from building a mobile-responsive site so you can research a company during your commute, to using FaceTime and other video-conferencing tools to perform virtual interviews when you’re unable to travel to the employer’s location.

Excitingly, we just launched a new app, ” Ladders Recruiter,” for our more than 67,000 employers and recruiters so they can find and connect with you while on the go. Here are five ways you can make it easier for them to find and hire you.

Flesh out your profiles. Make sure all of your professional profiles are complete and consistent with your resume. The last thing you want to do is send the hiring manager mixed signals by reflecting your work experience and job goals differently across different platforms. The more you include in your profile, the easier it will be for recruiters to find you.

Use the cloud. If a recruiter or hiring manager asks for your resume, don’t make them wait until you’re in front of a computer to reply. Store a copy of your resume and any other important personal branding materials on a site like Dropbox or iCloud so you can bring your files anywhere and easily share them while on the go.

Include your mobile phone number. If a recruiter is viewing your profile from “Ladders Recruiter” or your resume on their phone, they may want to contact you right away. By including your mobile phone number, you’re providing recruiters with the option to call or text you immediately. Best yet – you don’t have to worry about an important email getting stuck in a spam folder.

Know when to ignore a call. One of the benefits of having a smartphone is that you can work or job search from virtually anywhere at any time. However, just because Wi-Fi is available doesn’t mean you should be. Before you decide to answer a call from a potential recruiter, make sure you can control the environment and are prepared to answer the caller’s questions.

Assess your phone’s voicemail. The beauty of using your cell phone for your job search is that you have full control over the voicemail message, who picks up the phone, and when. First, make sure your phone’s mailbox is set up to receive messages. Then, record a professional message. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Don’t let an unprofessional voicemail message derail a potentially valuable connection.

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