How to Tap Into the Hidden Job Market

You could be missing out on 50 percent of recruiters’ job opportunities.

Skippy_Big_Magnifying_GlassIf you’ve heard me talk about harnessing the ‘power of three,’then you already know how important is it to use multiple methods when searching for job leads. Not only will this strategy help you find more opportunities, but you’ll also uncover the “hidden” opportunities that aren’t published online. In fact, Ladders found that recruiters only post half of their jobs. The rest of their positions are filled through searches.

Translation? If your online career profiles aren’t complete, you’re missing opportunities. Here are four quick ways to make sure you’re tapping into the hidden job market on Ladders.

List your most recent role.

When you join Ladders, you’re asked about your most recent position. If your job title is unique to your organization and may cause recruiters confusion, then use the auto-fill function to choose the title that best describes your current role.

Clarify your goals.

A clear set of  job goals  is the foundation of a successful job search.  While you may be capable of performing a variety of roles, it’s imperative that you choose one target position for your search. Enter one job title that best describes your target job. When selecting your expertise and target industries, start small. I recommend choosing no more than two industries to begin. If you’re still unsure of your goals, click on the following link to access my  job goal exercises.


Update your history

Research has shown that profiles with a career history are 100% more likely to show up in recruiters’ searches on Ladders. Do yourself a favor and  upload your resume. Once the system has parsed your information, go through and review your career history. Select the appropriate industry for each of your previous roles and save your history.


Become searchable.

Make sure your full professional profile is visible and searchable. If you can’t be found by recruiters running searches, then you can’t be contacted for potential opportunities beyond those for which you apply.  Visit your profile on Ladders and edit your visibility in the privacy section at the bottom of your profile.


These small steps will make a big difference when it comes to getting on a recruiter’s radar and standing out for their jobs. Click on the following link to learn more about building a strong online presence for your job search.