Millennials insist on talking about this touchy subject on a first date

Salary, credit scores, and all things financial are all more likely to be on the table along with the wine and cheese during a first date if you’re a Millennial, according to Bankrate’s Love and Money survey, carried out by YouGov Plc and taken from a sample of 1,221 adults.

Over a third (35%) of Millennials said they would be comfortable talking about money when dating someone new. However, gender norms die hard: 41% of women are more likely to be rattled if her date makes significantly less than them.

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Far fewer complained if their date had a much higher salary – 22% of men and 20% of women.

Many Millennials vet potential love interests for credit-worthiness, which potentially ensures a happy financial future. A fifth (21%) of women responded that the man’s credit score would have a large impact on their interest in dating him. Overall, 62% of Millennials say a person’s credit score could affect their future interest in going on more dates with that person.

When it comes to paying for dates, younger generations expect more of a partnership rather than an old-fashioned wooing. Of Millennials, 37% expect they’ll split the bill on the first date, and 39% of Generation Z feels the same.

Still, it’s hard to shake old attitudes. More than half of women (54%) still think it’s proper for their date to pay for everything the first time around, and 70% of men expect they’ll pick up the check on a first outing.

See how Millennial dating behavior deviates significantly from even one generation before, Generation X.

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