Men’s grooming for beginners: Why you should pay more attention to your sideburns and stubble

You’ve been shaving for what feels like forever and are pretty sure you’ve got it down to a perfect routine … or do you?

The boys in the big leagues seem to elevate their grooming game to something of an exquisite science. Perfectly coiffed hair; a shave so smooth you could cut glass on it, or stubble so artfully arranged it seems to be forming some sort of a very specific pattern.

In case you’re wondering if your grooming habits have nothing to do with your job, it’s been said that during the Kennedy presidency there was an on-site White House “barbershop” a short walk from the Oval Office and then President Kennedy was said to have a minute trim or touch up every other day. In more recent times I’d always marvel at the fact that a C level friend always had a perfectly smooth face no matter what time of day or where he was headed. He finally clued me into the fact that he shaves not once- but three times each day to ensure that his grooming game is as impeccable as his work ethic.

Even if you can’t take time during your day for a quick shave, you probably should spend a few moments thinking about your own grooming game.

Ari S. Goldberg, the founder of Barber Surgeons Guild, shared some thoughts on the topic.

Timeless grooming tips

Goldberg says “The key to great style is timelessness, both literally and figuratively. It is all about being authentic and genuine.” He believes “If you like your look — and you “own” your look — you are going to feel confident, and you are going to look great.” As for paying attention to trends, Goldberg thinks it’s “always a good idea to stay educated on the latest trends, as well as try new things.” He said, “The essential recipe for great style consists of three key ingredients: figuring out what you are comfortable with, what fits your style, and what makes you present yourself like the person you want to be.”

The cream of the crops

As for the best and worst grooming over the years, Goldberg said “Mostly any style that Brad Pitt, George Clooney, or other A-list Hollywood stars seem to wear is a good look. As for the worst, I’d have to say the mullet.”

Back to the mullet for a moment

The mullet was originally seen as the party in the back/business in front but is now seen as a punchline or even a defining characteristic- think of Eugene’s artfully awful iconic hair on The Walking Dead. If you’re wondering if your own style seems dated, Goldberg offers this clue “If you think you might look ridiculous, or people you trust tell you that you look ridiculous, it is probably a good time to change your style.” While you’re at it, if your barber or stylist doesn’t seem to get it right anymore, it’s a good time to part ways.

Headshots and interview styling

If you’ve ever wondered if you should style your hair or scruff in a specific way for your headshot or next interview, the answer is maybe. Goldberg said it’s more of a confidence game. “People respond to confidence, so make sure your look is something that will give you confidence. If you think you look good, chances are you really do! Try a few different styles and go with the one that makes you feel like the boss that you are.”

Don’t cheap out on product

Goldberg is a big fan of using the highest-quality products possible. He said “Your style — and health — should not be sacrificed with the cheapest option. We recommend the new  product line because we created it for ourselves, and for our friends and family who told us they’re tired of using products from big companies that only cared about their bottom-line and not about their health.”