Why do you need a resume? Top 5 reasons!

Why do you need a resume? Good question.

You need a resume only as much as you need a job.

After all, your resume is the first thing that gets through the door.

The first part of you a recruiter sees.

Which means we could think of the resume as an agent who goes out and represents their star.

So the question is:

What kind of personality does your agent have?

Long-winded? Colorful but overbearing? Sharp and to the point, talking success, dollar amounts, and stats?

Either way, let’s break it all down into the basics here:

Why Do You Need a Resume? Top 5 Reasons:

1. Recruiters Love Resumes

Your resume is the document that tells recruiters what level of experience and expertise you can bring to the employer. High-end recruiters search for $100K+ experts across industries every day on Ladders.

Why do you need a resume? Because showcasing your resume leads to job search success.

2. Your Resume Is an Advertisement

“Your resume is a professional advertisement, targeted toward your future boss, with the goal of landing an interview for a job that you can succeed in.” – Marc Cenedella, Ladders Founder and CEO.

3. Your Resume Makes Your First Impression

If you understand how much first impressions count, you’ll understand why you need to count on your resume to represent and work for you. Uploading your resume on Ladders is step one to the next step up.

Or downloading one of our 73 free, editable resume examples could be your very best first step up!

4. Your Resume Isn’t Your Life Story

Nobody tells the life story of a brand in an advertisement. They sell the benefits of what that brand can do for the person seeing it. Your brand is you.

So if you can sell your expertise, not describe your duties, you will have a good resume that will attract the attention of recruiters.

5. Your Resume Respects Recruiters

Imagine sifting through hundreds of resumes each and every day. Like a public overwhelmed with advertisements, as hinted at above, recruiters just want to know your brand benefits.

And there’s an art to achieving it that starts right here with a free resume review.

A screwed up resume, answering the question: Why do you need a resume that attracts recruiters.
A badly written resume cannot compete for a busy recruiter’s attention.

That’s Why You Need a Resume!

So What Can I Find on Ladders That’s Free and Actionable?

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