How do I write a resume that gives me an edge?

Would you describe your resume as an example of good resume writing

Or would you say: “What difference does that make if I’m talented and experienced?”

Maybe the best way to answer that is to put it another way:

Is working hard, developing my skills, and targeting my experience important?

So the answer is yes and no:

  • Yes — if success is your goal, writing a great resume and getting it out there is compulsory.
  • No —  if you don’t like being told what to do (or something!).

And if we’re getting into philosophical questions, let’s focus on the Ladders philosophy:

“Your resume is a professional advertisement, targeted toward your future boss, with the goal of landing an interview for a job that you can succeed in.”

Marc Cenedella, Ladders Founder and CEO.

So our advice and help with resume writing is based on over 18 years of hard won experience covering millions of resumes.

Likewise, we’re thought-leaders who have conducted resume/recruiter studies with staggering results.

So here’s how your resume breaks down:

– Its goal is to go out and get you that job.
– And it’s usually the first part of you out of the gate.
– Hence it’s the first big impression you get to make.

Is good resume writing easy?

Recruiters for high-end companies study member resumes on Ladders with the sole purpose of finding high-end talent to fill open positions that pay well for it.

Think about that.

And yet many people think of resumes as personal bios, filled with job descriptions that could have come directly from a job description for that position – often covering many self-serving pages.

So what does that tell a potential employer about what you actually achieved in that role? And what you are offering your potential new employer? In effect, that’s what resume writing is.

And with that said, here’s some of what we do to help you:

We also send you regular resume reports. Why? Because we know that recruiters love resumes; the fresher the better — and those who understand that gain a powerful edge.

Because your resume is probably the very best example of what we call investing in advantage.

And above all, a good resume goes out there on your behalf and sells you.

So why sell yourself short?

We’re rooting for you.

Ladders Team

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