Why should I add my online contacts to Ladders?

Bringing your online contacts into the Ladders space is all about career focus.

Ladders is making it super simple to view, consider, and contact friends and colleagues who are shown to you (privately), in relation to your career skills, goals, and of course, industry.

Saving you hours of trawling through them all in search of inspiration and strong career connections.

And let’s not forget that networking online is the first point of contact for increasing numbers of professionals in our COVID-hit world, so opportunities are opening where they may not have previously.

So how simple is it? We collate all your online contacts into a single, opportunity-optimized space.

In which you can give and receive references at will, should you wish.

Basic members can display three references; Premium members can build up to 12, strongly showcasing their professional standing.

And that’s beside our usual activities, which include:

  • Creating a more rarified setting for high-end companies and their recruiters to target.
  • Using the tailored information you’ve provided to target high-end openings for you.
  • Delivering critical opportunities and updates directly to your own inbox.
  • Applying to all your job applications on your behalf with Apply4Me (Premium exclusive).

Because great opportunities can come and go fast. He who hesitates… and all that, right?

Still, seems like optimizing by organizing is always great in theory, but who has the time?

And so to the good news. This is super simple.

Let’s quickly check it out.

Online Contacts – 7 Steps to Success:

Online contacts and how LinkedIn uses your data image
  • Login to your LinkedIn account.
  • Go to this link: https://www.linkedin.com/psettings/member-data
  • Select the “Imported Contacts” and “Connections” checkboxes.
  • Click the blue Request Archive button to download.

Happy so far? Need a break? Great! You’re about to get one!

  • Respond to a request to re-enter your password.
  • Put your feet up for a few minutes until LinkedIn sends you your file.
  • Refresh your LinkedIn browser page or check your email to obtain and download the file.

Now simply go to your Ladders Networking page and click your LinkedIn Connect option under Let’s get connected, in the top right, then drop the file in the box that appears!

Above all, this process is what we at Ladders call an investment in advantage.

And we urge you to take it.

We’re rooting for you.

Ladders Team

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*“Raising Your Employee Referral Program Results to 50% of All Hires.” – Dr John Sullivan Research; 2013.
**The dollar amount is an estimation of potential earnings.