Learning Ladders: Does my resume need a recruiter, or a review?

“Is my resume ready for recruiters? Or a review that could turn my resume into something that gets me an interview?”

Thinking “Review to Interview” is always a smart move.

Because here we’re looking at making your existing resume perfect, not writing a new one from scratch.

And with over 17 years experience and tech expertise, we can actually automate that experience…

…to give you your resume review in 35 seconds or less.

A view of Ladders resume reviewer in action.
Ladders resume reviewer, reviewing a resume in 35 seconds or less.

But hey, before you jump in, check out your 5-step guide to career success!

1.  Recruiters Will Give Your Resume 7.4 Seconds

Understanding the habits of high-end recruiters, under pressure to find the perfect candidates for top employers, is step one to getting a serious edge in your next career step.

Ladders’ resume eye-tracking study uncovered some serious stats.

eyes closeup
Photo: Shutterstock; Ladders’ famous eye-tracking study revealed powerful insights.

2. A Simple Layout Will Sell Your Brand

Just like the simplest website designs, an easily scannable resume format creates an eye-catching resume for recruiters who sift through hundreds each day.

Keep it simple, keep it scannable, and optimize your job search in the process.

3. White Space & Black Words Always Work

Just like the public when reading, recruiters love white space on resumes. For us, that means bullet points. They also like simple, bolded headlines like the ones in our free, downloadable and editable resume template and examples. Why?

Because bold text attracts the eye when scanning. And that can cause busy recruiters to stick around.

4. Your Resume Needs Facts, Stats &… Results!

Never mistake your resume as the place to tell your life story, or painfully recount all your job duties, as if copying the original job description you came across.

Use bullet points showing results: stats, percentages and tangible results plus great placing of information are all signs of good resume writing that will keep recruiters reading.

5. Long Stories Made Short Are Loved

For a professional with less than 10 years of experience, a 1-page resume is ideal. For professionals with 10 years or more, two pages should cover all relevant points.

A short story filled with facts and stats and success verbs is the best way to move up today.