How do I make sure I get job matches I want?

So the first step is simply signing up free with Ladders.

Because the tailored information you provide at signup gives us what we need to turn the information age in your favor.

Bringing $100K+ job matches directly to your inbox.

And your next step is investing in yourself by stepping up to Premium Membership and opening the doors to unlimited high-end opportunities – including having your job applications completed for you with Apply4Me, saving you TONS of time and allowing you to go for more jobs.

OK — so you’re in, you’re here, and you’re ready to aim high and hit your target.

Which means your first step is tailoring your information so we can start targeting it for you.

Job Matches the Easy Way

    • Sign in and click the icon with your name beside it;
      It’s in the top right corner of your screen.
  • And from column on the left, choose Job Preferences.

So here you decide what we target to your Jobs page and directly to your inbox.

    • Choose the Edit button on the right of the What you do section.
    • In Edit your job preferences, click the dropdown box on left and choose your career category.
    • Now check off the boxes that appear on right that you feel apply to your skills;
      Careful: the more you choose, the more job types you’ll receive.
  • Choose Save when satisfied you’ve tailored as specifically as you can, or as broadly as you wish.

With this, some serious targeting has been set up. So how long did it take?

  • Choose the Edit button on the right of the What you’re looking for section;
    You’ll see it under What you do.
  • In What kind of job are you looking for?, enter or change your job title.
  • Then choose your approximate current salary from the Recent Compensation dropdown box.
  • Now choose your future approximate salary from the Desired Compensation dropdown box;

Recruiters on Ladders will see this option, not your Recent Salary choice.

    • Enter your ZipCode under Zip Code; and distance from your ZipCode under Radius.
    • Click the box next to Open to working remotely if you wish to.
  • Click Save.

You could try timing yourself when you do this — we work hard to make it easy!

Now Get Job Matches and More to Your Inbox

    • Beneath Job Preferences on the left of this page, choose Emails.
  • Ensure that all the buttons on right of your email options in the Emails section are green, not gray.
    – And if gray, simply click each button and it will change for you.

That’s it. You tailored — now we can start targeting for you.

So good job!

We’re rooting for you.

Ladders Team

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