Best jobs for graduates with a communications degree

Getting a college degree is an important first step to securing a great job. If you recently graduated with a communications degree, you have a wide range of job opportunities available to you. Students with an aptitude for conveying information to others may be interested in this type of degree because it provides exposure to various types of careers, such as:

  • Social media
  • Public relations
  • Advertising (digital and print)
  • Broadcasting
  • Production

Communications graduates are prepared for a career that allows them to use their talents to deliver creative or complex information to the intended audience. This type of person will need a unique skill set to take on the challenges of a career using this degree.

Artistic image of two trees in the shape of faces looking at each other - birds fly between them like shared thoughts.
Great communication is an art.

Skills and qualities of communication majors

People with a communications degree develop many core skills that prepare them for career options in public relations, mass media, marketing, politics, and more. In fact, any industry could use the skills that a communications graduate learns while in college.

During their education, students will strengthen their writing and verbal communication skills. A communications major must learn how to appeal to their audience’s emotions or sense of logic. This requires an ability to persuade, an understanding of human behavior, and the capacity for critical thinking. They will channel these skills to appeal to others, whether it’s through an advertisement, film production, press release, or public relations campaign. At the same time, they must assess the feedback and adjust their content or delivery accordingly.

Communication majors must be quick thinkers who can adapt to change — sometimes on the spot — because trends and information change rapidly in the current digital age.

Top jobs for communication majors

It’s helpful to know more about communication jobs so, upon graduation, you can select one that is a good match. Here is a list of top jobs communication graduates could apply for:

Product marketing manager

A product marketing manager sits at his home desk sifting through graphs and presentation pieces.
Deep thought comes before effective communication.

Product marketing managers are responsible for ensuring a product’s brand gets positive exposure to the consumers. They accomplish this by positioning the product to elicit desire from the customers. Their goal is to fine-tune the messaging and marketing, so there will be a demand for the product. This involves strategizing the best way to communicate and position the product. They’ll watch how the consumer responds by working closely with data analysts and sales representatives, then adjust the strategy as needed.

Salary ranges from $117,323–$155,443, with a median annual salary of $136,573.

Journalist (print or broadcast)

A "journalist" sits at a manual typewriter hard at work in front of a mountain of screwed up drafts.
It’s all in the edit – but keep it simple.

A journalist provides up-to­-date reporting on the news daily. They may also deliver human interest stories. Sometimes they pitch their own ideas for a story, and other times the editor will assign the stories to them. For example, if something is going on in the public realm of interest, a journalist may be assigned to cover that story until it’s over or the public loses interest.

The median annual wage for news journalists is approximately $49,300, but the highest 10% earn over $127,370.

PR specialist

Microphones surround a man in a suit whose head is not seen.
The truth is out there; the spin is everywhere.

Public relations specialists assist individuals, groups, or organizations with creating and maintaining a positive public persona. They help influence the public’s perception of their clients by writing press releases and developing social media campaigns. They reach out to those in the media to help boost their client’s image or increase awareness about an issue involving their client or their organization. A public relations specialist serves as a buffer between the public and the client, using the media to deliver the message. So, they must have good relationships with people in the media and understand how to get their message across.

The median annual salary stood at $62,810 in 2020, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Social media manager

A person behind a transparent screen prepares to add to a circle of social media related items.
Great communication is all about being sociable.

Social media managers will oversee a business’s social media marketing and advertising campaign. They develop and implement strategies that help amplify their client’s social media presence and build their brand. This enables the client to meet their goals. Some of their jobs include posting content to their social media accounts, collaborating with others to promote their client’s brand, and analyzing the results of their efforts.

The median annual salary is estimated at $68,000, with the national average standing at $71,220.

Media event planner

Six office workers sit in rows of three facing each other, each with laptop or mobile device - seen from above, the table is covered by a huge calendar.
Making the complex simple is key to great communication.

Whenever you hear about a large meeting, convention, or seminar taking place, you know an event planner is working behind the scenes to get things in order. Their role is to make sure all aspects of the planned event go smoothly. They will take part in the planning stages, helping develop the theme, coordinating logistics, managing schedules, dealing with the budget and finances, and so on. They will work with vendors and access and set up audiovisual equipment, too. When the event is over, they sometimes send the participants a survey to solicit feedback about the event.

The median annual salary in 2020 was $51,560, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

HR Specialist

A HR specialist chats in a relaxed way with an office worker.
Communication: The bottom line is the human touch.

Human resources specialists handle the whole spectrum of employee relations jobs. This includes recruiting, screening, and interviewing potential employees. They also assist newly hired workers in understanding human resources procedures and the organization’s policies and procedures. HR specialists make sure to stay up to date on all federal, state, and local regulations to maintain compliance for the employer.

Some human resources managers handle other tasks, such as training, compensation and benefits, and employee relations.

The median annual salary stood at $63,490 in 2020, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.