If you’re over 50, recruiters say these are the Top 6 job fields to consider

While it’s completely unfair, ageism can be unfortunately quite difficult to combat in hiring, largely thanks to unfounded stereotypes that have been perpetuated about older workers.

That being said, job seekers over 50 who are looking for a new career or position are not at all out of luck—especially if you’re looking in fields and sectors that value a lifetime of experience.

Whether you’re looking to change careers entirely or you’re hoping to seek out a new position to better suit your lifestyle or work experiences, we tapped into our network of human resources professionals and hiring managers to get their insights on exactly which job fields actively seek applicants above the age of 50.

From finally getting that real estate license to going back to school and becoming an educator yourself, these are the best fields and sectors to consider if you’re hoping to shake up your career as you approach the age of retirement.


“Nearly every industry can benefit from experienced people who have their knowledge to share,” says Anjela Mangrum, Founder and President of Mangrum Career Solutions and a Certified Personnel Consultant. “Once you have actively worked in your field for many years, you could switch to a low-stress job by educating fresh talent.”

Whether it’s working as an adjunct professor at a college, a trainer at a company, a high school teacher, or an online tutor, there are many different options to choose from that will value your experience—both professionally and personally.


While it often requires additional training and experience, you may find this field well-suited to your interests.

“You could either assist with patients in a practitioner’s office, or opt for medical billing, appointment scheduling, staff management, or something similar,” suggests Mangrum.

Real Estate

Craving freedom but not ready to give up your income? Real estate might be the solution.

“This is a great career choice if you want complete control of your workload with minimum training or qualifications requirements,” explains Mangrum. “Once you’re certified by the state, you can kickstart your career in real estate at any age.”

Besides being a real estate agent, this industry gives you the option to work as an appraiser, home inspector, leasing agent, or property manager.


If you’re good with numbers and have a relevant bachelor’s degree, you can work as a personal financial advisor.

“Other positions require some sort of additional training and relevant experience, however, many personal financial advisors are self-employed and don’t need specialization or certification to be eligible,” says Mangrum.

You can work as an accountant, bookkeeper, insurance sales manager, tax preparer, or budget analyst, among other options.

Life or business coaching

Consider making good money for your years of experience and knowledge!

“A rising field is the consulting/coaching business,” explains Manny Vetti , President of Back Taxes Help, LLC. “Consider being a business or life coach that can help younger individuals be as successful as you.”

Non-profit sectors

Christa Juenger, VP Strategy & Coaching Services at Intoo suggests checking out jobs in the non-profit and tech sectors, both of which value experience and passion for the fields.

“Think about what you can offer based on your vast experience and how your past achievements can suggest the kind of contribution you’d make to a company’s bottom line,” adds Juenger.